Cta Bus 76 Tracker (2024)

1. Select Direction - CTA Bus Tracker

  • Welcome to CTA Bus Tracker. Selected Feed: All; Selected Route: 76. Step 2. Choose your direction of travel: Eastbound · Westbound.

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2. 76 Diversey (Bus Route Info) - CTA - Chicago Transit Authority

  • CTA Bus Tracker(Opens in a new window) · CTA Train Tracker · Get updates (subscribe) · Planned weekday changes · Planned weekend changes. More travel info. Bike ...

3. Select Stop - CTA Bus Tracker

  • Diversey & Central · Diversey & California · Diversey & Clark/Broadway

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4. [PDF] bus-tt_76.pdf - Chicago Transit Authority

5. CTA bus 76 - Chicago - Transit App

  • The CTA bus tracker 76 shows the next scheduled departure from the CTA. The full CTA 76 schedule with real-time tracker data is available in the app. Directions.

  • 76 {route_long_name} bus tracker, schedules, route maps, alerts and all stop locations

6. 76 Bus Route - CTA - Chicagoland Transit

  • Learn more about CTA route 76 and view realtime data.

  • ‹ Å]msÛ¶–þ+¨f§væšbì¼µ¶¥ÆIz;7I3‰»NǑÄˆ$T”¢îÝÿ¾/I€"iô~±%à΃ƒƒƒ„®¿{óëÍíz‹–<‰§×â/Šqº˜ŒHêýöeI‡Ókñ˜L_½D¯ó}¦9'ÈC7·?‰¿Ë(À ¥BtËpšEüÚWøë„pŒ‚%fá“QÎçÞ#šâ„LN„¬/È hÊIÊ''o?‚à“¢¬NÍiÓíY”†äÛH1:£<ƒ ã(]!FâÉ([Rƃœ£JŽß­% Á‡”Z22ŸŒü9ÞÀX¤ù÷/¿ä|]ú~ ›ž†\5|LÙ¬¼líh‘íŒÊvm£/'!"ē_ÎP”F<±—8&“ó3”àoQ’'EB½Å³`YPÅëuœxDSŸ®IªrC’,Z‹Ô|Kb ‹î™Œºn¯¢²ôX©«‰ïb’- á…`N¾q?ȲC*Â¥Ž²gã<óθw1Æ þ›¦x›šˆ üͳ羪œDé’Æ‹¿¥üŠ&+-ª(ó=ðMQBAxF*-”IkÓ­= MÀ1‚BÌñجzEv[ʬRom˜ðéÖ Ý„sñ’r&Äƀþ ÒR‡æ•ÚpJS(÷³¿€c_Òñ_½ô ê²Êï<}Àœ&yÞôZ©°Ú_ñ«ÔÑEóSï|2 i' è ºŠÈXÅ©ŸÒöŸ<ùŸ fè6 ''`MڈþãüâÙ˓+‘s·Æ¡ ÚÂÀ¥Ûq÷ÿýñç•ø8^çÙòôhK°úCî¿ ³Nþ|RË$)žÅä=èæVÀ¢t!§ó< „1œ>A’Pì/i‚Sïx(óZGÛhåj‚g’5ö‹OÎPþ“Dªh¼^®Mé þqòK@h3ä aá^Ggh1 Çt$'oc"’NO”BOžœ¡2„ëœìõî/>‚Ñ•˜?žþyµË91zää -Æ8Û¥Á„³œˆo&%߯@²ñ3¨ü# É8‚Ìøk2‡qº8˞\ýï“Søƒ®}U§2‰·00´YÜ@1i¾òû3‚ÕÇ8ËÀaˆÌò:& ´Á#n¢Œ²âxf G)k‰žAà°ÀU2Ió; 6ã$û®æÂHSI§ëQ-=™Åw*Ò±¬Rx*QíÈ(«\¸1¥/¯„X\VÖ¬±(S𶤳

7. Real-Time Bus Tracker - Ride MCTS

8. Bus Tracker - City of Chicago

  • CTA Bus Tracker uses GPS devices to report bus location data (and more) back to our CTA servers. We can then, in real time, show you where buses are on a ...

  • CTA Bus Tracker

9. Bus Route Tracker - CTA Bus - Chicago Transit Forum

  • 29 jan 2016 · ... 76 76-401 to 76-410 plus 76-451 (part time?). A number of FG routes have a -451 vehicle (76, 77, 80, 81, 84, 85). The only exception in 84 ...

  • I would like to officially announce the release of the CTA Bus Route tracker. I originally created this this summer for tracking the assignments of new buses as they made their first runs; however, it is also useful for tracking retirements and other purposes. Please let me know what you think; s...

10. Diversey & Leclaire (Westbound) - ETA - CTA | Bus Tracker

  • Welcome to CTA Bus Tracker. Currently: 3:07 AM 74°F. Selected Feed: All; Selected Route: 76; Selected Direction: Westbound; Selected Stop: Diversey & Leclaire ...

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11. 11 injured in West Chatham crash involving CTA bus - ABC Chicago

  • 4 dagen geleden · A Chicago crash involving a CTA bus injured 11 near 76th Street and South Lafayette Avenue in West Chatham Tuesday morning, CFD said. CHICAGO ( ...

  • Eleven people were taken to various hospitals after a crash involving a CTA bus Tuesday, Chicago fire officials said.

12. Calgary Transit - Home Page

  • Search your bus route status. Search. List all bus updates. Filter routes by ... SB Ogden RD @ 76 AV S.E. (#5847). Affected route(s): 3, 5, 32, 46, 62, 64 ...

  • Calgary Transit connects you with people and places you care about by providing safe, accessible, reliable and courteous public transportation services.

13. Bus Route Tracker - Page 2 - Chicago Transit Forum

  • 29 jan 2016 · I would like to officially announce the release of the CTA Bus Route tracker. ... The 76 could say something, but SS doesn't say any route ...

  • Posted June 7, 2016

Cta Bus 76 Tracker (2024)


How late does the 76 CTA bus run? ›

76 Bus Schedule
DayOperating HoursFrequency (min)
Wed5:16 AM - 4:52 AM10 - 21
Thu5:16 AM - 4:52 AM10 - 21
Fri5:16 AM - 11:20 PM10 - 21
Sat5:35 AM - 10:20 PM13 - 19
3 more rows

How does CTA track buses? ›

CTA Bus Tracker uses GPS devices to report bus location data (and more) back to our CTA servers.

What is the phone number for the Chicago Transit Authority HR? ›

Call 1-888-YOUR-CTA (1-888-968-7282) and choose option 4 for Human Resources or e-mail hrtechsupport@transitchicago.com.

What is the phone number for CTA travel information Chicago Transit? ›

1-888-YOUR CTA (1-888-968-7282)

Visit TransitChicago.com to: View general and accessibility information. Current projects and programs. Sign up for alerts regarding bus, train or elevator information.

Do CT buses run on Sunday? ›

Fixed routes for bus service on 23 routes operates Monday through Saturday, and Coastal Link service runs on Sunday.

How long do buses run in Boston? ›

When do buses run? Each bus route has its own schedule, with most routes running between 5 AM and 1 AM. Some routes also run between 1 AM and 5 AM. Schedules are adjusted every 3 months to account for service demands.

What is the CTA pension after death? ›

Death Benefits shall be paid from the Fund to the designated beneficiary upon the death of a retiree who was receiving retirement or disability allowance benefits. This is a separate benefit from the Survivorship Option. The designated beneficiary does not have to be the spouse of the retiree.

What is the phone number for CTA bus tracker? ›

1-888-YOUR-CTATalk to a person at CTA, weekdays 7am to 5:30pm.

What is Chicago public transit called? ›

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)

The nation's second largest public transportation system, the CTA operates Chicago's eight 'L' train lines and 129 bus routes.

Can you use debit on CTA bus? ›

You don't even have to use a card issued by us.

If you have a credit or debit card with the contactless payment symbol ( ), you can pay-as-you-go by touching your card to a reader or even create a Ventra Transit Account on that card, and load value and passes onto that.

Why is the Chicago train called the L? ›

How-to: Riding the train. CTA's train system is known as the 'L' (a now-official name originally short for "elevated"). Trains serve over 140 stations located throughout the city and nearby suburbs, on elevated railways, in subways, or on the ground. Enter the station and pay fare.

How do I text the CTA bus? ›

How to: Use Bus Tracker by text
  1. Find your stop ID.
  2. Text ctabus [stopID] to 41411. Be sure to text the word "ctabus", a space, and then the. actual stop ID number, such as "ctabus 14624" (without quotes).
  3. Receive estimated arrival times.

How late do busses run in Lincoln NE? ›

StarTran is the public transit bus system in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States. It operates 18 regular bus routes and a downtown circulator service on weekdays from 5:15 a.m. to 9:55 p.m. and Saturdays from 5:55 a.m. to 7:05 p.m. There is no service on Sundays.

What time do the buses run in New York City? ›

The City's rail and bus system is run by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and known as MTA New York City Transit. It's inexpensive, environmentally friendly and a great way to see sights throughout the five boroughs—and it operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How late do UNL buses run? ›

Bus #24 & #25 Route Overview
VehicleWeekday Hours (Mon - Fri)Frequency
StarTran Bus7:00 am - 6:00 pmEvery 10 minutes
StarTran Bus6:00 pm - 9:00 pmEvery 20 minutes
UNL Van9:00 pm - 11:30 pmOn-call at 402-326-8807 during fall and spring semesters

What time do busses stop running UCSC? ›

Monday through Friday: Loop buses depart the main entrance stop every 20 minutes from 7:30 a.m. - 10:10 p.m. (last departure from main entrance at 9:50 p.m.). Loop buses depart the Barn Theater stop every 20 minutes from 7:40 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. (last departure from Barn Theater at 9:40 p.m.).


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