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Welcome to the Echidna Gate 2 guide.

Thank you to ATK for providing the video footage, make sure to check out his video guide below!

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Universal Mechanics


Certain mechanics will inflict players with a charm debuff stack.

  • Getting x3 stacks will cause a player to be charmed.
  • Any flowers that explode will inflict a stack of the charm debuff.

Remember to use on charmed players, just like in Vykas.

Identity Mechanic

When Echidna's identity meter is half or full, she will trigger the Mirror Maze Mechanic.

  • The meter fills faster when players are hit or charmed.

Mirror Maze

When the mechanic starts, the FoV will get smaller and dialogue will appear.

The goal of this mechanic is to lead a light beam from the mirror to Echidna. Notice that there will be blue highlighted tiles on the battlefield, these indicate the positions of the mirror and Echidna.

Players will have to create a path that leads from the mirror to the tile that Echidna is standing on. This can get more complicated when the tiles are close together, so parties will need to coordinate positions so every player is part of this path.

  • Players can stand in the tiles where the mirror or Echidna is, as long as the light beam is captured from the mirror.

It is important to note that the tile that players stand on will flip, for example standing on a flower tile will flip it into a clean tile.

Timed Mechanics

8:15 Pools & Spikes

Happens at around 8:15 of the in-game timer.

The boss targets two players with pools, and two players with a spike wave shown by large pink line telegraphs.

Be careful with pool placements, creating a ring with pools will cause a flower carpet to spawn.

  • Players standing on top of the flower carpet will gain a charm debuff stack.

7:30 Fly Trap

Happens at around 7:30 of the in-game timer.

Dialogue appears and the screen will be filled with pink fog, followed by falling projectiles.

The tile you're standing on will be targeted with a fly traps. You can either:

  • Let one person tank a fly trap, ensure they have adequate shielding and DR and are on a clean tile. The rest of the group should move out of the blue telegraph.
  • Move together as a team to avoid the series of fly traps.

4:00 Sprint

This mechanic happens from around 4 to 5 minutes of the in-game timer.

Echidna's identity meter grays out, she teleports to an edge tile then casts an inside safe circle explosion.

Players will be tethered to the boss and have to run away (around 5 tiles) from her.

Whilst running away, watch out for:

  • Pools, they will stun you if you run into them.
  • Butterflies, they will also stun you.

Mirror Patterns

There are two variations of mirror attacks.

4 mirrors:

Each mirror targets a player and fires a projectile that deals damage.

8 Mirrors:

Damaging large red line telegraphs will appear, mirrors that stun start following players.

Focus on dodging as shown.


This mechanic has an internal cooldown of 2 minutes.


Echidna strikes a pose and creates a large pink area around her, do not attack!


Echidna walks slowly, with a visible stagger bar beneath her.

Three players will be targeted, causing blue telegraphs to be cast on them.

  • Targeted players should move away from the boss.
  • The rest should stagger her.

Major Mechanics

x210 Mirror

7 mirrors in a row will appear and the camera angle will change.

  • The row of mirrors move towards the players, getting hit will root you.
  • Mirrors on the side will fire red line telegraphs.

The goal is to find the correct mirror to counter, allowing the party to get past the row of mirrors without getting rooted.

  • Be careful if you have wide counters, they can accidentally hit the wrong mirror and root you.
  • Remember to throw at rooted allies to free them.

The correct mirror is the odd one out, the video below shows that one of the images is inverted compared to the rest.

After the successful counter you have a great DPS window where you can use Azena.

  • Check the minimap to see where the boss is.

x136 Giant Echidna Phase

A cutscene plays and players are teleported to another arena with a different FoV.

The goal of this phase is to deal enough stagger which will end the phase. As such, damage does not matter.

Mirrors & Charm Laser

There will be 3 waves of mirrors that cast a line laser between each other. During these waves she will periodically fire charm lasers from either the left or right.

Normal Mode:

  • Wait for the mirrors to turn off and walk through to dodge their laser.

Hard Mode:

  • Dash (space) through the 2nd wave.
  • For the 1st and 3rd wave do as in Normal Mode (specified above).

Co-op Counter

She raises her hand and glows purple to perform a 3 player co-op counter.

Hard Mode:

  • She may glow yellow, indicating a fake counter. Do not counter!

You can use Sidereal Thar after the Co-op counter to go straight to clash! However, be careful because if you deal too much stagger you'll skip the clash and you won't get the bonus Sidereal Meter from completing it.

Stagger & Clash

You need to deal enough stagger for Echidna to activate her clash.

  • Try to deal as much stagger as possible, doing so fast will avoid an extra pattern.

Echidna blows a kiss and dialogue appears, indicating that clash is about to start. She will also cast heart projectiles once the clash initiates.

  • Perform the clash.
  • Make sure to dodge the flying hearts, getting hit will charm you into the boss.

Reminder that successfully completing the clash grants Sidereal Meter, so you should avoid skipping this mechanic if using Sidereal Thar.

Phase Transition

You can watch the cutscene to allow time for debuffs to run out!

In this phase her Normal Patterns will be enhanced.


Echidna will dash forward, she will then counter. She may dash twice.

Co-op Counter

There will be a swirl of flowers above Echidna, she casts a pizza attack and yellow indicator attack, followed by a co-op counter.

Dodge the yellow telegraph by/and instantly space in front of her to counter.


An eye will appear above Echidna, if someone doesn't look away then she will do one of the following:

  • Dash Back and Grab. If a player is grabbed you need to stagger.
  • Vacuum into Uppercut.
  • She disappears and quickly tries to grab everyone. If a player is grabbed you need to stagger.

x120 Snake Clash

Echidna will disappear and the identity meter will be greyed out. The clashes occur at x120, x100 and x80 alongside two snakes. Killing both snakes will provide a damage buff that avoids Echidna going berserk.

Clash positions are at 11 o'clock (white snake) then 7 o'clock (black snake) as shown below, indicated by a blue beacon.

  1. (At x120) Use Sidereal Thar to perform the first clash, the timing is when you see the blue beacon.
  • Now save Sidereal meter to use Ephernia later.
  1. DPS the white snake until x62 bars, this will be enough for Thar to finish her off.
  2. (At x100) Take the 2nd clash and DPS the black snake.
  3. (At x80) Take the 3rd clash and kill the black snake.

Remember to make use of Atropine.

Half Identity Mechanic

When her identity meter reaches halfway, she will stand still and summon her snakes to perform a large aoe attack.

There will be a dialogue suggesting that we burn the eggs down, you should use Sidereal Ephernia.

The above method is highly recommended, however if your party does not have enough damage (or someone died) you can opt for:

  • Use Thar but DPS the white snake until x79 bars.
  • Do the Half Identity Mechanic without Ephernia.
  • Use Sidereal Azena to hit both snakes.

Doing the half identity mechanic manually is shown below:

  • Eggs will spawn at the wall in X locations, throw a at an egg to create a safe spot.
  • The first red indicators will appear, showing the initial safe spot. Then the second red indicators will appear, showing the second safe spot.
  • Move to the first safe spot, when all red indicators disappear (and first explosion goes off), move to the second safe spot.

Full Identity Mechanic

Echidna teleports to the center then casts a medusa pattern, looking at her will give you charm stacks. Look away until the mechanic is done.

Snakes will spawn, attack these snakes to prevent them from getting to Echidna, otherwise it's a wipe. These snakes die based on number of hits, not damage.

  • You can use if necessary.

One person will get targeted by a pink cone indicator, after locking it will turn into a blue indicator. After this attack a shielded snake will spawn which require CC to be killed, for example .

You will rarely see red snakes, however if they appear you must look at them for them to move back. Looking at them will inflict petrify stacks so you must alternate.

(HARD MODE) Walking

This is a timed mechanic.

Echidna will levitate in the air and drop flower bombs. After landing all your skills, except dash (space) will be locked.

She will then pulsate multiple waves, you must dash (space) across each wave she creates. She does this 6 times.

Finally, she will jump and do an inside-safe explosion then outside-safe explosions.

x55 Mirror

Echidna will appear in the middle as a mirror, surrounded by other mirrors. You need to find the correct final mirror to stagger.

Starting position is indicated by a mirror glowing red.The center mirror will have an image appear moving right or left, keep track of the order.

  • Right = Clockwise
  • Left = Anti-Clockwise

Use the above information to find the correct final mirror.

Afterwards Echidna might swap the mirror's positions, keep an eye out.

A stagger check will then commence and you should stagger the correct mirror.

x0 (Hard Mode) Symbol Counter

Echidna will fly down and a snake tail symbol pointing at multiple directions will appear beneath her.

She will then execute two normal patterns, followed by a grab indicated by a yellow telegraph.

Grabbed players will be able to see different tails glowing, they should type in chat the positions in the order they glowed in.

  • A player must be grabbed.
  • The grabbed players will also be charmed afterwards so have your ready.

Echidna will then perform a series of fake or real counters at the above positions.

  • She will flash red for fake counters, if countered she will deal a lot of damage and knock players down.

The possible Fake/Real counter combinations are:

  • Fake, Real, Real
  • Real, Fake, Real


  • Only 1 fake.
  • 1st & 2nd can be fake.
    • If 1st isn't fake, then the 2nd is.
  • 3rd always real.

This video shows Fake, Real, Real where the fake gets countered (hence the knockback and damage).

Giant Phase Mechanics


Echidna will lean forward and her eyes glow. This pattern is followed by a counter.

Normal Mode:

  • Her eyes will always glow red, look away!

Hard Mode:

  • Her eyes will glow red (same as Normal Mode) or blue.
  • If her eyes glow blue, look at her!

In other words:

  • Red = Look Away
  • Blue = Look At Her

Target & Tether

Tethered player will have a large circle around them that inflicts charm debuff stacks.Targeted player will have a butterfly following them that explodes on impact and inflicts charm debuff stacks.

These players should just choose a back corner to stay in.

Charm Mechanics

Fly Away

The boss flies away, spawning flowers beneath players. She will then fire a cone attack in front of her, if no one is hit she will fire again.

  • Getting hit by these flowers inflicts a charm debuff stack.
  • Getting hit by the cone will cause the explosion to inflict a stack.

This means that getting hit by 3 flowers could instantly charm you.

Cone Ribbons

The boss fires ribbons in a cone shape. If someone is hit then the following attack will inflict a charm stack.

  • The right side is always safe.

Dance Explosions

The boss will dance around and fire waves 3 times. She will then cast an inside-safe explosion, getting hit by this also inflicts a charm stack.

Triple Ribbon

The boss slashes twice, then casts and inside-safe explosion. Getting hit by this inflicts a charm stack.

Be careful, if you are too close you can get launched.

Echidna Gate 2 Guide for Lost Ark - Mobalytics (2024)


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