Lost Ark guide: Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 walkthrough and cheat sheet (2024)

Well, we’ve come this far. Let’s try to beat Vykas in Legion Raid Phase 3! Just like our previous Lost Ark Vykas walkthroughs and cheat sheets for Phase 1 and Phase 2, this guide will help you survive Phase 3 without the need to learn it all by heart. Just keep an eye on the boss’ HP bar.

First, here’s the detailed Phase 3 walkthrough; scroll past that for our simplified Vykas Gate 3 cheat sheet.

Mechanics walkthrough

Since it plays a major role in the special mechanics, let’s have a look at the charm bar first. During Phase 3, taking damage from Vykas will increase the pink bar above your head. If it goes over 70% (the white stripe), you will deal more damage, but you’ll also take increased damage. If it’s full, you will be charmed, attack your own teammates, and die. The charm bar can be decreased by activating one of the light orbs on the battlefield (there are three or four, depending on difficulty). Besides that, try using sleep bombs on charmed teammates to counter the effects.

After reaching HP bar 175, two or three party members (depending on difficulty) are slowed. The slowed players (indicated with a brown circle) should drop their debuffs in a line towards Vykas at 9 o’clock. The sped-up players (blue circle) should drop their buffs elsewhere and then go to 9 o’clock to be slowed before Vykas’ taunt wipe attack comes in.

At HP 155, Vykas disappears and leaves a bunch of shadow clones behind. However, players with a charm bar of 70% or higher will see swords instead. If a sword and shadow clone are in the same spot, it’s a safe zone for the incoming attack.

Lost Ark guide: Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 walkthrough and cheat sheet (1) Image: Smilegate RPG via Polygon

Around 135 HP, Vykas will initiate the typing challenge. You simply need to type the letters that appear on the screen. The typing challenge is a lot easier if everyone’s charm bar is at 0%, so communicate with the team to reserve a light orb for this occasion. The more players fail the typing test, the more powerful Vykas’ next area-of-effect attack will be (shields up!). If everyone succeeds, Vykas is briefly stunned.

At 120 HP, the whole team needs to be 100% charmed to survive. As Vykas gives random players a charm-increasing debuff, make sure everyone gathers around those players.

Once the HP bar drops to 105, use a second light orb to drop everyone’s charm bar, then stagger Vykas as quickly as possible (she’ll be surrounded by a charm-increasing aura). Use a time-stop item to avoid a wipe from the exploding frog minions.

At HP bar 55, Vykas summons an army of tentacles. You simply need to destroy all of them, but note that they can only be damaged by players with a charm bar of 70% or higher. Look at the minimap to see the tentacle spawn locations.

The HP bar X40 effect is for hard mode players only. Four red orbs spawn at positions 1, 5, 7, and 11 o’clock. Each orb needs to be consumed by a low-charm player (as your charm will increase). Keep pressing the space bar immediately after.

Be ready for another stagger check when Vykas is at low health, and make sure you don’t look at the purple clone in the middle. Vykas will spawn clones, but you can tell which one’s real by looking for the boss icon on the mini map. Watch out for an airstrike attack similar to the one at HP bar X135.

Lost Ark guide: Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 walkthrough and cheat sheet (2) Graphic: Marloes Valentina Stella/Polygon

Cheat Sheet

HP bar X175: Slow (brown) and speed (blue) buffs (refer to diagram above).

  • Brown: take positions at 9 o’clock, one on the edge and one in the middle.
  • Blue: drop speed buffs elsewhere, then go to 9 o’clock.

X155: Swords and clones, at least one player needs +70% charm.

  • +70% charm player pings sword positions.
  • Sword + clone = safe zone.

X135: Typing challenge. Use light orb to drop charm to 0%.

  • Airstrike attack: Vykas either attacks inside first, then outside, or vice versa. After that, move to Vykas.

X120: Everyone to 100% charm, use marked pink puddle players.

X105: Stagger check: Use light orb to drop charm to 0%. Stagger Vykas, then use a time stop potion.

X75: Same as X175.

X55: Remove all tentacles. Charm needs to be +70%.

X40 (Hard difficulty only): lowest charm players consume red orbs at 1, 5, 7, and 11 o’clock.

  • After consuming, spam the space bar.
  • Around X8, start lowering charm (use light orb).

X0: Stagger check. Look at mini map to see the real Vykas.

  • Look away from the purple clone.
  • Use as many stagger attacks as possible.

Congratulations on your Vykas Legion Raid victory!

Lost Ark guide: Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 walkthrough and cheat sheet (2024)


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