Lost Ark Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 Walkthrough (2024)

Vykas is the newest boss in Lost Ark’s Legion Raids and is quite a tough boss to beat with all her mechanics that require little to no mistakes to clear. After defeating Vykas for the first time, she gets powered up and reveals her true form as the Covetous Legion Commander, becoming more ruthless with her attacks and her mechanics.

In this guide, we will talk about the third and final phase of the Vykas Legion Raid, its special mechanics, and how to survive and succeed the phase.

How to start Vykas Legion Raid Phase 3 – Gate 3

To prepare for the first phase of the Vykas Legion Raid, players will have reach iLvl 1430 for the Normal Mode, and iLvl 1460 for the Hard Mode.

It is also highly recommended that all players in the 2 parties of 4 can communicate with each other as there will be several mechanics in this fight where members are required to declare a state of a mechanic component to make sure that the mechanic can be cleared on time.

It’s important that all members are aware about how the mechanics work, as there are bonus mechanics in the Gate 3 fight that are not the usual mechanics that are present in all of the Lost Ark boss fights so far.

Vykas Legion Raid Sidereal Skills

There are three available Sidereal skills that can be used by the assigned raid lead during the Vykas Legion Raid:

  • Nineveh: Deals heavy damage against the boss.
  • Wei: Deals heavy stagger damage against the boss.
  • Inanna: Provides damage reduction and healing. In this legion raid, it also reduces the seduction gauge in the Vykas phases.

The party lead should use the Sidereal skills depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the party’s composition. Vykas’ third phase is mostly composed of attack mechanics, such as the seduction gauge mechanic that can greatly affect the state of the members. Thankfully, Inanna’s Sidereal skill can counter this, so proper management and timing for proccing this skill is important.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 Walkthrough

  • Vykas’ Seduction Gauge Mechanic
    • Seduction Pools
  • Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 First Phase
    • x170 HP Swamp Bridge
    • x150 HP Clones and Swords
    • x135 HP Seduction Typing Test
    • x120 HP Seduction Explosion
    • x105 HP Stagger Check and Frog Bombs
  • Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 Second Phase
    • x75 HP Swamp Bridge
    • x55 HP Tentacles and Orbs
    • x35 HP Spacebar Spam (Hard Mode only)
    • x0 HP Final Stagger
  • Vykas Gate 3 Attack Patterns

Vykas’ Seduction Gauge Mechanic

On the start of the third gate, all members of the party will gain another gauge on top of their HP bars known as Seduction Gauge. This gauge can affect how the player performs in the fight depending on its gauge level.

All of Vykas’ attacks can raise the seduction gauge. To lower the seduction levels down, Inanna’s Sidereal skill can be used (-40% seduction gauge). There are also orbs at the edge of the arena that can be interacted with that will emit an aura that will lower down seduction levels for players within it. These orbs can only be used once per fight, and there are only 4 orbs in normal and 3 orbs in hard throughout the fight.

  • 0% – 69%: The player deals less damage.
  • 70% – 99%: The player deals more damage, but also takes more damage.
  • 100%: The player becomes seduced and will attack other party members.

When a party member gets fully seduced, the player will lose control of the character as it attacks other members. At this point, the seduced player can also take in hits from its party members. Dealing CC attacks towards a seduced player will take them out of the seduction, however it’s also a risky move as the attack might kill them if it’s too strong.

Seduction Pools

Vykas can randomly summon seduction pools underneath players prior to attacking. These pools will linger on the ground long, but they do not inflict any damage. When players step on it, their seduction gauge will increase. It’s important that marked players know to position at the edges where the pools will not be in the way. These pools can also be strategically used to increase the gauge and get to the powered state.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 First Phase

The first phase of the Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 fight covers the stages from the first encounter with the swamp bridge (x170), up until the first stagger check (x105). The first encounter will just be a combination of normal and special attack patterns.

Swamp Bridge (x170 HP)

Vykas starts off with this mechanic where she will spawn instant death areas on the edge of the arena, as well as the immediate area around her. She will then mark players to give the Swamp debuff to (3 for normal, 2 for hard), while the rest will have the Wind buff. Afterwards, she will mind control everyone in the party to move towards her instant death zone.

To clear this attack, as soon as the debuffs and buffs are given, those who got the Swamp debuff should line up and make a bridge that goes from the outer ring towards Vykas without touching the damage zones. Those who got the Wind buff should move to a different spot away from the swamp bridge. The buffs and debuffs will then simultaneously fall on the ground where the last positions of the players were. Then everyone should go to the side of the swamp bridge far away from Vykas.

If done correctly, the swamp bridge should slow down everyone’s movement just enough that they will not reach Vykas during her seduction.

Clones and Swords (x150 HP)

In this mechanic, Vykas will spawn a couple of figures in eight spots around the arena. Depending on the seduction gauge of the player, they will only either see clones of Vykas on taken spots (<70% gauge), or swords (>70% gauge).

In order for this to work, one or two party members should have a >70% gauge so that they can see and locate which spots have swords on them. If that spot also has a clone on it through the other players, then all members should head to that spot in order to be safe from Vykas’ incoming attack.

Seduction Typing Test (x135 HP)

Upon reaching around x135 HP, Vykas will initiate this mechanic by making projectiles fall from the sky. Afterwards, all members will see a QTE cinematic where they will have to type the letters they see on the screen from left to right to clear it.

There will only be a few seconds to clear this QTE, and much quick for those who have at least 1% of seduction level on their gauge. To pass this mechanic, more than half of the party should clear the QTE. Because of how fast this mechanic happens, players usually use the seduction reduction methods available to them such as the orb or Inanna’s skill.

If everyone manages to pass the QTE, Vykas will be stunned for a few seconds. If up to three members fail the event, Vykas will ain a shield and cast an arena wide explosion that get stronger the more players failed the QTE, so there is still a chance to survive, especially if everyone stacks up on the supports. If half or more of the players fail, it will be a guaranteed wipe.

Fly-by Attack

Right after the explosion, Vykas will select a target and will do a fly-by attack. It’s important that everyone huddles up to control her flight path. The fly-by’s have a delayed damage and her fly-by moves can be used to determined where the safe spots to stand on are. If she flies while dragging her sword on the ground, stay clear of her path, and if she flies while swirling, get in her path.

Seduction Explosion (x120 HP)

Once her health is down to 120x, Vykas will mark 4 members to get the seduction pool. Players at this point should stack up the pools rather than disperse them and everyone should deliberately get their seduction gauges filled up to prepare for the incoming attack.

Vykas will summon her throne and then charge up for an arena-wide explosion. All seduced members will be safe from the explosion, while the rest will most likely be wiped out either by the explosion, or by their own party members’ attacks.

Stagger Check and Frog Bombs (x105 HP)

Prior to proceeding with the stagger check, Vykas will charge up and do a 2-part explosion attack where the safe zones will be away from her, then near her. At this point, if no one in the party is at least at 70% seduction, then at least 2 members should consider getting deliberately hit by the explosion as it will be needed to deal with the frogs.

After the attack, she will then charge and be open for the stagger check. The two frog will then appear from the ground and also charge to blow up. To survive this mechanic, both Vykas should be staggered and the frogs should be defeated. The frogs will only take damage from players with more than 70% seduction.

In case the party’s stagger isn’t strong enough for Vykas without the entire team working on her, then the party could also use a Time Stop Potion and time it well after staggering Vykas and just before the frogs glow up and explode.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 Second Phase

The second phase of the Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 fight covers the stages from the second swamp bridge (x75), up until the end of the fight. Similar to the first phase, the periods between the special mechanics will be filled with normal and special attack patterns.

Swamp Bridge (x75 HP)

Vykas will do another swamp bridge attack at this point of the fight. The mechanics will be the same, so just make sure that the swamp bridges are laid out properly. This may be hard to do if one of your teammates are still seduced, so make sure to take care of them as well.

Tentacles and Orbs (x55 HP)

Vykas will move to the middle of the arena and spawn tentacles around her. She will also shoot out seduction balls randomly. To clear this attack, all tentacles must be destroyed, but they can only be destroyed by players who have at least 70% seduction. Getting deliberately hit be the orbs to reach the seduction level is possible, however it is important to make sure that this level is managed to avoid getting fully seduced. If even one tentacle survives after the attack duration, then everyone will be wiped out.

Spacebar Spam (x35 HP, Hard Mode only)

In the hard mode of the Vykas Legion Raid, Vykas will do an extra mechanic around x35. She will first do a 2-part explosion attack with the same outside-then-inside safe zones. She will then charge up and spawn four orbs at the edge of the arena positioned at approximately 11, 2, 5, and 8. These orbs will have to be blocked by players, or else Vykas will do a massive explosion if even a single orb reaches her.

Once an orb is blocked, the blocking players will then have to do a QTE where they have to mash their spacebar to fill a gauge before the timer runs out. Blocking players will have to make sure that their seduction levels aren’t close to reaching 100% since blocking the orb will also increase it by a fair bit. Failing the QTE will also result in Vykas doing the explosion, so if it happens, supports should be ready to cast shield to hopefully survive the blast

Final Stagger (x0 HP)

Vykas will not die upon reaching x0. Instead, her stagger gauge will fill up and she will do a series of attack until she is fully staggered.


In the first stage, Vykas will disappear and summon clones in the arena. Players will have to locate which clone is the real one which is relatively easy because her icon shows up on the minimap, as well as the clones will take a purple color. Once she has been located, everyone should stand behind her to avoid her arena-wide attack.


During the clones part, the clone in the middle will mark a player with a de-seduction circle that will chase the player around. This circle will lower down the seduction levels of everyone who stands on it.

Fly-by Attack

She will do a fly-by attack similar to the earlier one, so pay attention to how she flies in and evade accordingly.

2-part Explosion

Immediately after the fly-by, she will move back to the center and do another 2-part explosion with the same outside-inside safe zone.

Seduction Pools

Vykas will mark everyone with a seduction pool. Everyone should then spread out and run towards the edge of the arena to deposit the pool since these pools slowly grow larger.

Cross-hatch Explosions

Vykas will do a series of explosions in several cross-hatch patterns. Everyone should focus on avoiding these explosions rather than doing damage.

After the explosions, Vykas will cycle back and do the same attacks again until she is staggered. It’s best to use Wei’s Sidereal skill at this point to help bring down the stagger gauge faster.

Vykas Gate 3 Attack Patterns

In between the mechanics during each phases, Vykas will be doing different kinds of attacks.

  • Backstab + Dash

Vykas will teleport behind a target and do a backstab. Then, she will proceed on doing a dash that can deal significant damage. Prior to the dash, she can be countered, but if not countered, she will do another dash which can also be countered.

  • Sword Swing and Slam

Vykas swings her sword and slams the ground to release a wide wave attack. If she swings her sword once, she will do another swing-slam attack. If she swings her sword four times, she won’t follow up with another one. The safe zone for this attack is the wedge directly behind her.

  • Red/Black Circle Explosion

Vykas will show a circle below her that is half red and half black. She will then swing her sword from one side to the other followed by an explosion around her. Where the sword points after will tell where the safe point will be: red side = inside; black side = outside.

  • Grab and Strangle

Vykas will target a member and grab them with her whip. She will then strangle them up in the air and thrown them back down, which also sends out a cross-shaped explosion. During this phase, Vykas will be invincible while the strangled player’s seduction level will go down.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 Clear Rewards

Here are the rewards for clearing the Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3:

  • Normal Mode
    • x2 Covetous Fang
    • x1 Covetous Wing
    • Relic Tier Accessory
    • 1,400 Gold
  • Hard Mode
    • x2 Covetous Wing
    • Relic Tier Accessory
    • 2,500 Gold

Players will get the chance to pay 800(N)/1,200(H) Gold to get an additional chest that contain T3 Guardian and Destruction Stones, Honor Shards, Leapstones, and more Covetous crafting materials.

Players can also place a bid on some items once the final phase is cleared apart from the clear rewards:

  • Normal Mode
    • x3 Covetous Fangs
    • x1 Honing Book
  • Hard Mode
    • x5 Covetous Wings
    • x2 Honing Books
    • x1 Stone of Chaos
    • x1Engraving Recipe

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Check out this video by ATK showing a guide on how to clear Gate 3 of the Vykas Legion Raid:

Lost Ark Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 Walkthrough (2024)


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