Lost Ark: Vykas Legion Raid - Gate Two guide (2024)

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Vykas was finally added to Lost Ark during the June Update, and this boss brings a whole new set of challenges that you’ll have to coordinate with your team to clear. The second gate of Vykas introduces us to the seductress herself, as she barrages us with attacks and mechanics that we need to know very well to clear.

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If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve cleared Gate One of this difficult trifecta of fights. For this boss, we highly recommend bringing Timestop Potions, but you won’t necessarily need any specific items this time around.

Sidereal Skills

Vykas’ Gate Two has the same Sidereal skills as Gate One. Sidereal skills are usable by the raid leader and summon allies who cast powerful effects for your team. Sidereal skills are located on the top-left of your screen. Once the bar underneath the skills fills up, your raid leader will be able to cast a Sidereal skill.

  • Nineveh
    • Hotkey: CTRL + Z
    • Nineveh deals a significant amount of damage when aimed at the enemy. Nineveh is important to use this raid in order to meet the DPS check.
  • Wei
    • Hotkey: CTRL + X
    • Wei deals a significant amount of Stagger Damage. You will not really need to inflict Stagger Damage during this fight, so don’t worry about using Wei.
  • Inanna
    • Hotkey: CTRL + C
    • Inanna will reduce the damage you take for a few seconds, and you’ll also get healed. Not recommended for this gate. You might use Inanna if you have trouble clearing certain mechanics and take too much damage from them.

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Triple Clones

At around x120 HP, Vykas will teleport to the center of the map and reveal three different shadow clones. Each shadow clone will have a different image: one clone where Vykas’ wings are opened, one clone where Vykas’ wings are closed, and one clone where only one of Vykas’ wings is closed.

This is a clone where both wings are open:

Lost Ark: Vykas Legion Raid - Gate Two guide (1)

This is a clone where only one wing is open:

Lost Ark: Vykas Legion Raid - Gate Two guide (2)

This is a clone where both wings are closed:

Lost Ark: Vykas Legion Raid - Gate Two guide (3)

In the center, five orbs will also spawn. Five different orbs must be consumed by five different players. After all five orbs are collected, colored symbols will appear above those who collected the orbs. These symbols will either be red or purple.

Lost Ark: Vykas Legion Raid - Gate Two guide (4)

If there are three purple symbols, then you must run to the clone with all wings closed and wait for a shockwave. Afterward, move to the clone where only one wing is closed. Finally, move to the clone with both wings open.

If there are three red symbols, then you must run to the clone where both wings are open first, followed by one wing closed, followed by both wings closed.

The key to this mechanic is to assign three players to each shadow clone, and five players to each orb. The players who are assigned to a clone must communicate the shape of each shadow clone. After this is communicated, the orb players should know which shadow clone to travel to first.

Orb Absorb

At x65 HP, Vykas will once again teleport to the center of the map and summon three shadow clones. In this phase, assign two players to each clone, and two players to the center of the map.

Afterward, each clone will pulsate a series of red and black waves. Each clone will pulsate five times. Each pulse will have a random color: red or black. After five pulses, each clone will release five black orbs.

Lost Ark: Vykas Legion Raid - Gate Two guide (5)

Your job here is to collect the orbs which correlate to a black pulse. For example, a clone may pulsate in the following pattern:


In this situation, the two players assigned to that clone must collect the second and third orb. (The second and third pulse was black.) A very important note is that each player can normally collect only one black orb. If a player collects two black orbs, they will die.

Lost Ark: Vykas Legion Raid - Gate Two guide (6)

Two of the clones will pulsate three black pulses. The players in the center are “flex” players and must head to the location of the third black pulse, and subsequently collect the third black orb.

If you do not have all eight players, this mechanic is still clearable. If there are not enough flex players, a player can Time Stop Potion the second/third orb. Use a Time Stop Potion before the third black orb spawns, and you will collect the orb in your invulnerable state and clear the mechanic.

You will fail the mechanic if Vykas absorbs any black orb. (You have a grace period of one black orb in Normal Mode.)

Purple Circle Walk

Lost Ark: Vykas Legion Raid - Gate Two guide (7)

This mechanic can happen at any time. Vykas will teleport to the center, and players will receive a purple orb around their characters. After a short moment, a purple laser will fire at every player. You can dodge this laser by walking in a circle. You should keep walking until the laser is fired. If you are too close to another player, you will walk into their laser and take significant damage.

The purple circles indicate the distance you should be away from other players. If any purple circles overlap, you are at risk of being too close and running into a laser.

Purple Ring

Lost Ark: Vykas Legion Raid - Gate Two guide (8)

Vykas will summon a Purple Ring which follows one player with a purple symbol above their head. When any player collects the Purple Ring, it will begin to explode in a wide AoE and deal significant damage, with a small safe spot in the center of the explosion. Meanwhile, explosions will appear at the feet of every other player, which they must move around to avoid.

The player with the purple symbol must lead the purple ring away from the others. At the same time, the other players should be either running away or staying close to the player with the purple ring, as they can utilize the safe spot. In dire situations where you cannot escape the explosion, you can use a Time Stop Potion.

Sonic Rings

Lost Ark: Vykas Legion Raid - Gate Two guide (9)

Vykas summons numerous Golden Rings that fly toward players. If you get hit by a ring, you will get stunned and get hit by an explosion. Additionally, after getting hit, an additional Golden Ring spawns and creates a chain reaction. These typically don’t deal too much damage individually, and you can dash out of explosions.

V-shaped Poison

Lost Ark: Vykas Legion Raid - Gate Two guide (10)

Below x65 HP, a “V-shaped” purple attack indicator will spawn in front of players. These players should move toward the edge of the map and point the attack indicator away from the others. After a short while, purple orbs will be summoned and shoot projectiles in the direction of the attack indicator.

Maze Mechanic

Lost Ark: Vykas Legion Raid - Gate Two guide (11)

The boss will teleport to the center of the map. Rotating red walls will appear with small gaps in between. If you walk into one of the red walls, you will take damage. Additionally, explosions with small safe spots will periodically appear during this mechanic. You have to avoid the explosions while simultaneously getting through the walls.


Lost Ark: Vykas Legion Raid - Gate Two guide (12)

Occasionally, Vykas will summon worms at areas across the map that appear and eat nearby players. These players are imprisoned and cannot perform any actions. You must free these players by dealing enough damage. If these players are not freed, the worms will explode and deal significant damage, often enough for a wipe.

If you have trouble defeating these worms in time, it’s a decent idea to use Nineveh to free players. Ideally, however, players are simply able to avoid being eaten.

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Lost Ark: Vykas Legion Raid - Gate Two guide (2024)


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