Poet (Death Row Shooters MC, #2) (2024)

Natalie ~ The Biblioholic

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October 31, 2019

I've read pretty much everything Crimson Syn has written and loved it so reading this should have been an easy thing to do. It wasn't. It was such a different read and things happened that I'm not down with nor did I expect this author to go in this direction and I just can't continue.

It's a second chance romance... I think. But after a hot and intense scene between the characters, I'm dumped into a scene where the 'hero' is all over and obsessed with another woman. What?! And then it goes further off the rails from there. Instead of having this book take away my love for this author, I'm going to quit while I'm ahead. I can only hope my next read from her goes back to the old tried-and-true formula I've come to know and love and appreciate from her.


Ana Laura

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February 7, 2020

Oh yeah! There is nothing sexier and more exciting for a reader to read about a guy obsessed with a woman other than h and having sex with her without a condom. Yes and with the type of woman who is a receptacle for venereal diseases. Well, who knows, he might not care because he himself is one? Yes very hot. The author should warn readers to have a bucket by the side before starting to read so we can throw up after these scenes 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

Oh! And of course the usual sexist sh*t couldn't have been left out:

“How long has it been, Gracie?”

“Wh-what?” She breathed, her eyes fluttering shut as I turned on the water and taking the shower head I let the water fall across her body."

I leaned into her, not caring if my shirt got wet, just wanting her near me. “How long has it been since a man touched you?

“Since you died.”

"I closed my eyes, hating that answer. Hating that she’d never felt another loving touch in all these years, but I was selfish too. And I loved the fact that I still remained her one and only."

Yep , she's been celibate during 10 f*cking YEARS while he was not afraid to spread his venereal diseases around. And do you think she would be worried about using protection after 10 f*cked years? Or that he would be considerate and say he was with several other women, one of them less than a week ago and without a condom? NOOOOP. It's exactly what every woman who likes to read romance wants to read. When will these authors stop ridiculing women, understand that this garbage is getting old?

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February 7, 2021

A decent read once you find out how time keeps changing back and forth and jumping ahead in time. It's hard to tell when it's a memory and present tense. Example in the beginning he is all over the girl he loves and takes her virginity and then next thing you know he is following another woman in another country and getting a blow j*b... just no!! Thing is it's been years since he was with the girl he loved. Takes awhile to figure that out. I believe it would have been better if it was stated XX amount of years later...
With a better way of letting us the reader's know when time changes it would have been a great book... I will read the last book in this series to see if it's better...

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February 18, 2021

H is a manwhor* and h has been celibate for 10 effing year. Kill me now. This sh*t is getting old Their first time they didn’t even use protection.

Here is a great review




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October 20, 2019

OH My Goodness what a ride. I am so blown away by POET that I am at a total loss to writing a review. The action, suspense and thrills all had my emotions on high alert and the romance so sexy yet touching. I just don’t know where to begin. The author has given us characters that you just want to reach in the book and give them a big hug. Characters that seem to make so many wrong choices for the right reasons that it is heartbreaking. Kudos Crimson for writing one phenomenal book (we even get to see some of the guys from the Hellbound Lovers MC which was an awesome treat).

Poet had it all, The Champion Boxing Title, the love of his life and a career that was on the rise. That is up until one fateful night that changed everything. A night that left Poet’s beaten and left for dead. But fate stepped in and he was found, cared for and protected by the Death Row Shooters MC. After saving his life, Poet became a member of the MC, leaving his girl and his old way life to presume he’s dead. When an oversea’s deal goes sideways, Poet is once again beaten and sent home to the club as a message. Poet is in a bad way and taken to the hospital where he runs head on into Grace, the love of his life. The girl he had to leave behind that awful night 10 years ago in order to protect her. Little does he know how wrong he was thinking Grace would be safe. Grace is far from the shy naive girl she was the last time Poet saw her. Grace had to grow up fast and make some very difficult decisions. Can these two recapture what they once had or has too many years and to many lies caused an irreparable situation.

This is a nonstops exciting ride that you don’t want to miss out on. I highly recommend grabbing this one up ASAP, you won’t regret it. My only hope is that we get to see more of Poet and Grace in the near future. 5 Stars and 2 Thumbs up for an outstanding read.


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October 21, 2019

Poet is book two in the death row shooters MC series. This story is short (181pgs) mixed paced and action packed. I read this book in one sitting and was satisfied throughout. I found the writing style easy to follow, the characters likeable and the storyline entertaining. I don’t feel like I can say too much without giving too many spoilers. So I will keep this review brief. Poe, also known as Poet is a biker in the death row shooters MC. His life hasn’t and isn’t easy. He has been left for dead twice and lost contact with the girl he loved. When he is sent on a job in Japan, Poe finds himself in serious danger. When he is finally back with his MC brothers, Poe runs into a face from the past. Grace loved Poe and never stopped despite spending the last ten years thinking he was dead. Grace is also in danger and is struggling to keep her head above water. Whilst trying to be with her man, he doesn’t feel good enough and continues to send mixed messages.
The chemistry between Poe and Grace is clear to see and I liked them as a couple. Their love for one another was undeniable. That being said, their romance isn’t straight forward, as I would have hoped.
I really liked this story. I will admit, I was a little disappointed the way things went. That being said, I hope we learn more about Grace and Poe in the other books.
The storyline for this book is easy to follow and an action packed read. I cannot wait for more books from this series.

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May 31, 2021

I absolutely hate to leave bad reviews so I usually don’t write anything at all if I don’t have anything good to say, but I feel this one needs a review, because it needs a disclaimer. I discovered this author on Kindle Unlimited and dived right into her Hellbound Lovers MC series. And while the editing was atrocious and she couldn’t seem to keep the characters background stories or even their names straight, I still liked the characters and the plot lines. It was in this series I met Reaper, Ash, and Poe and decided to give the spin-off series a shot.

What a mistake.

Reaper was ok, but it must be stated if you read Hellbound that the Shooters series is definitely darker. Reaper did leave me curious about Poe and what happened to him, though I couldn’t really make sense of why he’d need to go to Hong Kong. All the MC was responsible for was providing the dock location. But whatever.

Then came Poet and here we are. Same lack of editing and basic proofreading. The time line makes zero sense. We spend the first few chapters with the hero in Hong Kong having sex with some nasty skan* who turns out to be a viper—big surprise.

While I feel like this author has all the makings of doing something great, she just doesn’t quite get there. I don’t know if she has any beta readers to assist, but if not, she really needs a squad to provide helpful feedback. For instance: Poe arrives back to his MC clubhouse in a shipping crate beat near to death. They call 911 and get him to the hospital where it is said that Ash won’t let anyone near him.

Fast forward, Reaper and Ash are in the clubhouse when Poe comes stumbling downstairs, has a shot of whiskey and answers their questions. But the VERY NEXT CHAPTER, Poe is in the hospital, unable to walk, he’s been there 10 days or 2 weeks, something like that...WHAT? I mean...WHAAAAAT???? Ash finally gets him in a wheelchair and gets pissed and leaves him in the hallway and Poe can’t even move the wheelchair because his ribs are busted. But what about the whiskey Q&A at the clubhouse with the Prez?

But let’s not stop there. He runs into Grace at the hospital. The woman he’s been thinking about for 10 years. His lost love. Who he never returned for. Never checked in on. She thought he was dead. But suddenly they’re all in love again and in bed together. Oh, and Grace is being extorted and harassed by a cartel.

But the real kicker is the ending to this book. I can’t recommend a book to anyone in which the hero AND the heroine are taken captive, both are sexually violated in the LAST chapter, and during the rescue, the heroine is shot, and he abandons her because suddenly he can’t be near the hospital???? It goes straight from that the epilogue where he has not visited her during her 10 day stay and sends a letter that he’s broken and wishes her a happy life. WTF?

Cliffhanger or just a sh*tty ending? I have no idea, but now I have trust issues. It was bad enough trying to follow the logic of this plot line and time line, but the ending was way too much.

The rest of this series and any other spin-offs is going to have to be a hard pass.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.

Xariah Way

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May 5, 2020

It's a mess!!!!

I'm struggling to see how it's got so many good reviews.
One minute the POV is from Grace then for a few lines the author forgot who's POV it was from and went to Poe and then back to Grace again a few line later.
The timeline doesnt add up at all. How can she be a few months pregnant when wbweything that happened in the book happened over a few weeks.
The characters are very juvenile and cant make up their bloody minds. One minute hes letting her go because hes a bad man and the next hes not letting her go cuz he loves her? Ans this is thought out the whole book, talk about whiplash!
None of the storyline makes sense at all I was holding out hope that the second book in this series would become better than the first but I shouldn't have bothered.
Unfortunately I would say out of the 998 MC books I've read this is the worst written series I've ever read and wont be looking out for future books :(



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July 14, 2020

I went into hoping the writing would better. It didn't. The time frame sucks. It goes from a day to weeks and back to days. You can't tell how much time has passed. You can't tell who's talking half the time. Poet and Gracie are not even a couple during the book, so there is no connection among them. The storyline has so much potential. It happens then its over with no details. Needless to say, I won't be continuing this series.

April ♥"LOS" ♥

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October 21, 2019

Poe’s story will break your heart!
He didn’t start out as a cold, heartless man but life and circ*mstances pushed him into a corner leaving him no choice but to abandon the only good thing he had going for him, Gracie.
Now, years later when Poe least expects it, Gracie reappears in his life. And this time he’s not letting her go.

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October 20, 2019

I've loved every MC book this incredibly talented author has put out. With that being said, this is the 2nd book in the series and just as amazing as the first one. An awesome ride from beginning to end.

Michelle Graves

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January 12, 2021

Post is a special guy but he didn't realize what was going on since he was young and inexperienced but after he accidentally kill a man in the ring he was hurt very badly and left 4 dead. He was saved by a very good man that later got killed but he did help out him out his life back 2gether. He thought he did was rt b4 when he left his heart behind yrs ago but when circ*mstances change and he sees his heart again he thought it was a dream but she gets thrown into sumthing that was beyond his control. But after the bitch did in Hong Kong heads will roll cause of the triad. She tried 2 keep his memory alive her only and 1st true love but when she sees him alive she gets pissed and rightfully so cause of their past. But she's not going 2 let him b pigged headed and stupid and brush her off again. She loved him and she will prove it 2 him one way or the other.


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October 8, 2021

A tragedy has Poet thinking he’s not good enough for Grace and makes him into who he is.
When a deal goes wrong Poet ends up being sent to hospital, a hospital where he meets see Grace, who though he was dead for all these years, not a member of an MC.
Poet left to protect Grace, but the Grace he sees now isn’t the same shy Grace he knew.
Grace has thought that Poet has been dead for ten years seeing him again they have the same chemistry they always did, but Poet is being hot and cold with her.
Poet wants nothing more than to have what Grace and he had all those years ago but knows he can’t he’s not good enough for her with all he’s done.
Finding out that Grace’s in danger Poet knows he will do what he has to, to save her. What happens when he does can Grace convince him that he’s what she wants, and he is good enough.

Nicole Brown

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January 27, 2020

WHAT THE OMG DID I JUST READ!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that every book that Crimson pulls out of her gut wrenching heart is just that much more amazing than the last. This book had it all. It punches you in the gut and twists and turns your insides to goo in all the write places. Your kindle will practically melt into the palm of your hand with the steam from the characters fantastic chemistry. There is your ooh and ahhhhh moments that will leave you positively breathless. This book is by far one of the best reads of 2019 that I read. Get your copy today and feel all the roller coaster of emotions that this book evokes inside your soul. Get magnatized by this magical soul evoking artistry.

Wendy Hodges

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April 15, 2020

Action and threats from the first page, violence coming at Poe and the MC and Grace from various forces. I must admit I got lost a bit at times with this story, scenes form Poe's past mixed with current time scenes, it wasn't always clear if it was dreams or jumping back in memories for that reason alone I knocked a point off the marks. This didn't make it a bad story in any way because it wasn't, its a great book and I loved it but it was a little mixed up at times. Lots of twists and turns and the different elements and groups mean there is a whole lot going on and in different ways. The main characters are easy to like and there is a lot of excitement, graphic sexual content and some abuse. over all a great story and I look forward to more from this couple which I hope is soon.


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June 28, 2021

Lots of action and angst and heat. I was intrigued by the characters.
There were a few elements that hit odd and that I didn't love though. The book jumped around in time, which would have been ok if the changes were more defined. At times the reader is left confused trying to figure out where on timeline the characters are at. There were also a few times in the story where we are in one character's POV but for a few sentences flip to the other character's POV. A few scenes left me feeling weird.
The story ends in a cliffhanger type of way and I am curious enough to want to know what happens next though.


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April 22, 2021

Poet's turn around

Poet has struggled his entire life. When meets a young Grace, it's love at first sight. Then life gets in their way and they're separated. When he bumps into Grace years later the feelings are still there. Now there are their old enemies and new ones to deal with.

This story is full of drama, action packed and romance.

I enjoyed this read.

Krystinna Collett

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May 10, 2021


Poet is a tough man, but what he lacks is strength. He is too consumed with the bad, and the past that was never good for him. He feels the most alive when he is with Grace. His MC is the only family that has had his back. With this in mind, he believes that Grace is to good for him and he only brings her down. Grace is going to prove him wrong!
I recommend this book! It is sexy, intense, and raw.

Patricia Howard

431 reviews

September 9, 2021

I absolutely love this book.. Poet is a character that you learn to love no matter what. His life and his lady's life are intertwined together and will never change that. He is the alpha that is willing to let his love go no matter what. there seems to be a cliffhanger to the story though one that is not seenn in the story.

Lora Cimino

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September 28, 2023

One hell of a story!!

This is the story of Grace and Poet. Crimson Syn hit it out of the ball park with this book. So much steam and angst. So many emotions evoked. This is not just a great book but a great series. Start at the beginning and fo!low it up with all the drama that takes place in this series.

Amanda M

2,225 reviews16 followers

January 8, 2020

An intense read that'll have you reeling from everything going on. An intense tale told so well. The characters and their choices that they make comes at a cost. But at what cost? There's so much more to Poet and Grace than meets the eye. A definite must read.


637 reviews

November 5, 2020

Amazing read

Omg. Crimson syn. One fantastic book after another. Poet. This story broke my heart. Gracie. Sweet and strong. Both damaged. Both loving each other under extreme duress. Erotic. Sinful. What happens next? One fantastic mc read.


4,458 reviews13 followers

November 12, 2020


Oh no I was horrified and sad reading this one. I'm not sure Reaper is leading his men as he should. Too many mistakes and they don't know when the blow backs are coming. Post and Reaper have been at death's door one too many times.


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March 15, 2021

No thanks. Not a fan of sexual assault and totally didn’t need it in detail. And I really don’t want to read about it in my escape from reality time. I’m
Also tired of MC/biker genre using this same tired out plot line. Therefore- I’m out.

    abuse-neglect-serious-content bikers dark

Jaynie Hatton

332 reviews2 followers

June 3, 2021

Living in the past sucks the present out of you.

Prime example of how not dealing with your past keeps you prisioner. Freedom comes from forgiving yourself as much as possible. I hope Poet and Grace can make it. Thank you for having this on Kindle Unlimited.

Karen Fleckinger

129 reviews

February 24, 2022

Deathrow shooters mc

Poet what can I say. He lived through hell and still is. This storyline was not at all what I was expecting not at all. I was ugly crying doing this book. I know there will be more of Poet there has to be and I am all for it. This is a must read.


147 reviews2 followers

April 25, 2022

I tried multiple times to read this book. It couldn’t get through 3 sentences before getting annoyed. The hero is a stuck up ass* and heroine is TSTL. I usually never have issues reading or finishing books but I couldn’t even skim this book.

Jessica Junito

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January 23, 2020


This is one heck of an MC series. Its not nice, or soft or sweet, no its tough, rough and full of a whole lot of pain but also hard love and loyalty.

Brandy Munroe

Author19 books19 followers

April 7, 2020

The great writing and storyline that I know I will find with Crimson Syn. Looking forward to the next book in this series.


65 reviews

October 9, 2021

The push and pull between Gracie and Poe had me hooked! My heart broke at the end and felt so unfinished. I hope there story is touched on in the next book.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.

Poet (Death Row Shooters MC, #2) (2024)


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