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Vykas Gate 2 Legion Raid Guide

Last Updated: September 14th 2023

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Vykas Gate 2 Introduction

Vykas Phase 2 is a TIER 3 Legion Raid and you need to be at least 1430 (Normal) or 1460 (Hard) Item Level to enter this Raid. This dungeon drops Tier 3 Accessories, Ability Stones, Engraving Books, Cards and materials to craft the sets listed below.

  • Demon Beast Strength One-Handed Sword
  • Betrayal Instinct One-Handed Sword
  • Charming Instinct One-Handed Sword
  • Destructive Grasp One-Handed Sword
  • Dominion Fang One-Handed Sword
  • Earth's Entropy One-Handed Sword
  • Covetous Whisper One-Handed Sword
  • Nightmare Flower One-Handed Sword
  • Poem of Salvation One-Handed Sword
  • Shrieking Hallucination One-Handed Sword
  • Swamp of Yearning One-Handed Sword

For more set related information, check out the Gear Set Guide.

After clearing the dungeon, you can pay gold to get additional loot. The recommended Combat Items are Elemental HP Potion, Time Stop Potion, Whirlwind Grenade and Sleep Bomb.

Disclaimer: In this guide, we will only focus on the important core & general patterns of the boss. Basic attacks of him, which are easy to predict or deal low damage, won't be explained in detail.

It is important to make sure that everyone in the raid group is aware of the boss and coop mechanics. Additionally, item level is not as significant as having good Engravings and Combat Stat distribution as these provide the most damage increase which shorten the duration of the battle. A shorter battle leads to less damage taken and less consumable used.

This guide assumes that you are familiar with the recommended Raid Build for your class.

Patterns Overview

  • x170 HP = Swamp
  • x150 HP = Sword & Clones
  • x135 HP = Key Input
  • x120 HP = Throne of Seduction
  • x102 HP = Stagger Check
  • x75 HP = Swamp
  • x55 HP = Tentacles
  • x2HP = Last Struggle

Once you have read through the detailed description of the main patterns, use the “cheat sheet” during the raid, or check out our condensed Cheat Sheet Collection for all Legion Raids on one page.

Main Patterns



In each Legion Raid, once the bar on the top left is full, the raid lead has can activate the Sidereal skills to summon powerful allies. The bar fills up over time or gets a boost after specific patterns and interactions, like a Counter Attack. Using the Sidereal skills at the proper time can be a game changer.

If the raid lead dies, you can pass the party lead to another member to grant that person the access to use the Sidereal skills.

Hotkey: CTRL+Z

Deals the highest Damage out of all 3 Sidereal skills. Often, this is the best skill to use if the entire raid can handle the main patterns without the aid of the other 2 Sidereal skills.

Hotkey: CTRL+X

Deals the highest Stagger Damage out of all 3 Sidereal skills.

Hotkey: CTRL+C

Reduces the damage taken and the seduction gauge for a few seconds. On top of that, the players in the affected area will get healed in certain intervals. Usually not recommended & used for Vykas battle.

Seduction Gauge

The Seduction Gauge is a bar shown above each player's head. It fills up if you get hit by Vykas's attacks. There are certain pattern and attacks, which can reduce the bar. Some main patterns require a specific state of the Seduction Gauge to clear.

Vykas Gate 2 Legion Raid Guide - Lost Ark Maxroll.gg (1)

Depending on which percentage your bar is, you get certain perks.
0% = You deal less damage for a few seconds.
Over 70% = You deal and take more damage. Some patterns are only visible for you.
At 100% = You get seduced and turn against your team. Hard CC, lifts the seduction. Sleep Bomb is very useful, since dealing high damage while trying to lift the seduction can kill your teammates.


At x170 & x75 HP, Vykas teleports to the center and summons a restricted area very close to her and at the edge of the battle area. Standing in these areas can kill the player within seconds.

At the same time, 2 randomly chosen players are marked with a brown, slowing puddle below their feet. These two players need to go to the left side of the boss as shown below to create a slowing path from the left edge of the map to the boss. The other players should stay a few steps away from the slowing path, which needs to be created.

Vykas Gate 2 Legion Raid Guide - Lost Ark Maxroll.gg (2)

After a short delay, the 2 chosen players drop a slowing swamp and everyone else a speeding swamp below them. As soon as this happens, everyone has to move immediately to the furthest left spot of the slowing swamp. You need to be there on time, since the boss seduces the players a few seconds later and pulls them towards her. Getting too close to her kills you.

Important: If you placed the slowing swamps incorrectly or a speeding swamp on top of a slowing one, you might reach the boss too soon and die. And be careful not to place a seduction puddle created by the Seduction Puddle general pattern too close to the Swamp pattern area.

Sword & Clones

At x150 HP, Vykas disappears. Group up immediately at the center of the map. At this point, you need at least 1 player to have above 70% Seduction Gauge.

After a short delay, the player(s) with 70%+ Seduction Gauge can see swords around them. The players below 70% can see clones of Vykas. Only one of the swords is at the same position as a clone, you can figure this out if the player(s), who can see the swords, start(s) to ping the location of those. Once one of the pings overlaps with a clone's position, move as a group to that clone to survive this mechanic.

Key Input

At x135 HP, group up and use the yellow orb at the north side of the map to reduce everyone's Seduction Gauge to 0. This needs to be done before the key input sequence starts. If you fail to do so, you will also fail the key input sequence. Depending on how many people failed the key input sequence, one of these scenarios occurs:
No one failed: Vykas is stunned for a few seconds.
1-3 Players failed: Vykas gains a shield and sends out a shockwave. Supports should use shields and damage reduction buffs to mitigate the shockwave damage.
More than 3 Players failed: The raid gets wiped.

The raid leader should use the Sidereal: Nineveh towards Vykas, as soon as the key input cut scene ends. After that, group up and dodge together the Air Raid general pattern.


Upon reaching x120 HP, Vykas marks random players with the Seduction Puddle general pattern. This time, you have to group up and stack the puddles on top of each other to max out everyone's Seduction Gauge as fast as possible. Every player, who fails to get their gauge to 100%, will be killed by Vykas's follow-up attack.

Stagger Check

Method 1:
Once the boss reaches 102x HP, group up, move and trigger the yellow orb at the west side of the map to reduce your Seduction Gauge as much as possible. Once it is done, move as soon as possible to Vykas at the center before the Stagger Check starts.
Succeed the stagger check by using skills and combat items like Whirlwind Grenade with Stagger Damage affix. Upon success, use Time Stop Potion to survive the slime explosions.

Method 2:
Raid lead uses Sidereal: Wei to hit Vykas and the top slime. If done correctly, the boss gets staggered and the top slime dies through Wei.
Meanwhile, everyone else should group at the bottom slime and kill it as soon as possible. After killing it, wait until Vykas is staggered before you move towards her.


At x55 HP, Vykas disappears and summons Tentacles on fixed positions around the map. These Tentacles need to be destroyed before this pattern ends to prevent a wipe. But, you can only deal damage to those, if you have between 70%-99% Seduction Gauge.

During this entire pattern, everyone will lose a certain amount of Seduction Gauge per second. To fill it back up above the 70% mark, get yourself hit by the red orbs spawning at the center and moving towards the edge of the battle area. Avoid reaching 100% Seduction Gauge while doing so.

Vykas Gate 2 Legion Raid Guide - Lost Ark Maxroll.gg (3)

To be more efficient, assign specific tentacles to players before the battle starts. Once you destroyed the tentacle assigned to you, rotate and help players, who are struggling with theirs.

Last Struggle

At around x5 HP, prepare for the last pattern by grouping up and moving to the last remaining yellow orb, to reduce everyone's Seduction Gauge as much as possible.

Once Vykas reaches x2 HP, she flies up and summons after a short delay multiple pink clones. Scout all cardinal directions and try to find the real Vykas and move towards her to deal damage. At the same time, avoid facing the clone at the center, otherwise you will get hit by the Medusa pattern and petrified and killed soon after.

Once the Medusa pattern is over, the clone send out a shockwave. This is the signal for you to move behind the real Vykas to avoid getting one shotted by her frontal flying sword attacks. The raid lead should also use the Sidereal: Wei, since to fully kill Vykas, you need to deplete her purple Stagger Bar. Everyone else should focus on using their higher Stagger Damage skills and Combat items. During this pattern, the clone in the center shoots a slowly moving ground effect towards a player. Getting hit by it reduces Seduction Gauge.

After a short delay, if her Stagger Bar is still not depleted, Vykas will use the Air Raid pattern followed by some general patterns like the Seduction Puddle. At the same time, everyone's Seduction Gauge increases over time. The goal is to deplete her stagger bar, before everyone reaches 100% Seduction Gauge and starts to kill each other.

General Patterns



Besides from the double dash counter you encountered in Phase 2, she gets an additional counterable move. For this, she flies briefly up and spirals above the players. At the end of the spiral, you can counter her for a brief moment.

If you miss the counter opportunity, she punishes the player by applying a Seduction Gauge increase area around a random player and crushing back to the ground while creating huge shockwaves.

Seduction Puddle

A pink circle appears below some players. These players need to move towards the edge of the battle area before a pink puddle spawns below them. Once it spawns, move out of it.

Standing in the puddle increases your Seduction Gauge. Avoid to place the puddles at spot needed for certain general patterns.


Vykas summons black and outwards expanding lines around her. In Normal Mode, it is simply enough to facing away from her by auto attacking towards the edge of the battle area. In Hard Mode below x100 HP, it is more tricky and you need to pay attention to her wings. Failing this pattern causes Vykas to summon a huge red area, which deals massive damage to everyone.

In Hard Mode, she does this pattern in 2 waves. You need to assign 4 players for this mechanic to turn around and face her, if needed. Each wave can have one of these outcomes:
Vykas has no wings raised. → Everyone keeps facing away from her.
Vykas has one wing raised. → One player needs to turn around and face Vykas to get petrified.
Vykas has both wings raised. → Two players need to turn around and face Vykas to get petrified.

Let's assume, player 1 & 2 are assigned for first wave and player 3 & 4 for the second!
First Wave: Vykas has one wing raised. → Player 1 turns around and faces the boss.
Second wave: Vykas has both wings raised. → Players 3 & 4 turn around and face the boss.

Air Raid

Vykas flies up, which is a signal to group up. After a short delay, she flies above a random player twice and can either target the player or the surrounding area.

Variant 1: Flies with sword down. A line appears under Vykas's path. Move out.
Variant 2: Swirls through air, no sword. Safe spot under Vykas's path. Don't move.

Moving Worms

Vykas summons a big summoning circle around her. This indicates, that she will start summoning multiple moving worms, which one hit players on contact. These worms are only visible to players above 70% Seduction Gauge.

To survive this mechanic, you can either trust the players with >70% Seduction Gauge by following them while they guide you through the gaps between the moving worms. Or you can group at the edge of the south part of the map and remain there for a few seconds.

Hook Chain

The boss throws a hook chain towards a random player. The first player on it's path will be hooked and pulled towards the boss. Once pulled to the boss, the hooked player starts to take damage while loosing Seduction Gauge. Vykas flies briefly up with the player before slamming back down to the ground and damaging everyone around her in a cross-shaped pattern.

While in the air, Vykas won't take any damage. You can use this pattern to intentionally get grabbed to reduce your Seduction Gauge.

Sword Strikes

Variant 1: The boss strikes a few times before unleashing a huge shockwave in front of her. While she is striking with her sword, move behind her to avoid the shockwave.

Variant 2: It is possible, that she turns around and unleashes a second shockwave targeting the opposing area. Move in front of her before she turns around to avoid getting hit. She does this variant if she does the first shockwave after one single sword strike.

Red or Black

Vykas summons a small circle around her, which is half red and half black. If she points with her sword at the red half, you need to stay close to her. If she points with it at the black half, you need to move away from her to dodge the shockwave.


The boss starts to rotate with her sword vertically and hit everyone in front and behind her. After this sequence, move and stay either in front or behind her to avoid the outwards spreading shockwaves.

Chain Portals

The boss summons multiple portals around her. After a short delay, chains shoot out of the portals and imprison everyone on hit. The remaining players can lift the imprisonment by auto attacking the player. This attack can be cast twice in a row.

Bloody Rain

Vykas shoots multiple blood bubbles towards the air, which start to rain down after a short delay. At the same time, she summons shockwaves around her, which either have safe zones close or far away from her. Dodge the rain and the shockwave to avoid taking damage.

Gameplay with Shot Calls


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Vykas Gate 2 Legion Raid Guide - Lost Ark Maxroll.gg (2024)


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