Vykas Gate 3 Guide for Lost Ark - Mobalytics (2024)



In Phase 3, everyone will be fighting Vykas’s final form together.

To successfully beat all the key mechanics as a group, you will all have to learn to manage an extra resource bar- The Desire Bar.

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Normal Mode Rewards

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Hard Mode Rewards

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Cheat Sheet

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Key Mechanics

Unique Mechanic: Charm

Before we go through Key Mechanics, let’s talk about the unique Vykas Phase 3 mechanic. You will notice that above your HP there will be a bar with a notch in at about ⅔ of the way through.

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This is the Desire Bar, and it represents the amount of lust your character has for Vykas. It will slowly fill up as you take damage from Vykas’s attacks or get exposed to specific mechanics.

Vykas Gate 3 Guide for Lost Ark - Mobalytics (14)

If you take enough to pass the 70% notch, the bar will turn red and you will experience specific mechanics differently in the fight. However, if the bar completely fills up, you will be charmed and can kill or be killed by your team.

Use Sleep Bombs to and stuns to uncharm people!

Unique Mechanic: Golden Orbs

The raid gets access to Golden Orbs which help you reset your Desire Bar to 0 when needed. This will help you manage your meter depending on the mechanic.

Location of Orbs

Hard Mode : 3 orbs at 9 o’clock – 12 o’clock – 3 o’clock

Normal Mode : 4 orbs at 9 o’clock – 12 o’clock – 3 o’clock – 6 o’clock

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When to Use

  • 1st orb before X135 Typing Test
  • 2nd orb before X100 Stagger
  • 3rd orb at X10-5 Cleanse

X170 Swamp Bridge

What Happens

Vykas teleports to the center and 6 seconds later, all of the party will be charmed and pulled towards her. Any player near Vykas will be killed.

Two players will have a slow debuff indicated above their mana bar Vykas Gate 3 Guide for Lost Ark - Mobalytics (16) and the rest will have a speed buff above their HP bar. Vykas Gate 3 Guide for Lost Ark - Mobalytics (17)

What to Do

Look at your feet. If you have the brown puddle under you, that means you have the slow debuff. You have about 4 seconds to place the slow puddle under you in the right place. This is the key to keeping everyone alive.

Vykas Gate 3 Guide for Lost Ark - Mobalytics (18)


  • The players who got the slow puddle stand side by side at 9 o'clock, forming a bridge.
  • Everyone else stays away from them, waits for 4 seconds until their speed puddle drops, and runs to the brown bridge.
  • Don't Panic - if you go to soon you will wipe everyone else!
  • You have plenty of time to run to the bridge because of the move speed buff.

Note that in Hard Mode only 2 players get the Slow Puddle instead of 3. Space out more

X150 Swords and Clones

What Happens

Vykas goes invisible and everyone with a Desire Bar less than 70% will see clones of Vykas. Everyone with a bar above 70% will see swords.

What Happens

The strategy here is to match the clones with the swords to find the one safe spot.

At least one player should have a Desire Bar above 70% to ping the swords, and only and when their pings match a clone, should people run to the safe spot.

X135 Typing Test

What Happens

Vykas teleports to the center and flies away. She then rains blood everywhere, dealing damage and increasing Charm.

What to Do

The whole team should go to one Golden Orb, activate it and cleans to 0%. Then everyone will get stunned and Vykas will start the typing test.

You will need to press the keys that appear on your screen within the time limit, TWICE.

Failure Conditions

  • Each failure grants Vykas a shield and empowers her attack.
  • 4 failures will cause a wipe. Shields and Time Stop do not help.

X120 All Charm

What Happens

Vykas casts Luring Temptation, granting a pink aura around players' feet. After 4 seconds, players leave behind a pink puddle that will greatly increase the Charm bar.

What to Do

Stack together and get everyone charmed as fast as possible. Do not counter Vykas.

A few seconds later the screen explodes, everyone will be petrified, and the charm will be removed.

X100 Stagger

What Happens

Vykas teleports to the center creating a big circle that will increase the charm of anyone around her. You must stagger her to live.

At the same time, 2 minions that explode after 7 seconds killing everyone will appear. You can’t kill those minions unless your Charm bar is above 70%.

What to Do

Open a golden orb to reduce the team's charm to 0%.

Deplete the stagger bar in 6 seconds and use Time Stop to avoid the minion’s explosion.

If the party stagger is low, you can use Wei (Ctrl+X).

If you don’t want to use Time Stop, you can assign 2 players with high damage to go above 70% charm and kill the minions.

X75 Swamp Bridge 2

See X170 Swamp Bridge.

X55 Tentacles

What Happens

Vykas teleports to the center and blood orbs that increase charm will start shooting out from her.

Tentacles will appear on the edges of the area. 20 seconds later, everyone will be pulled into Vykas’s big blood orb, and Vykas will eat this orb and kill everyone.

What to Do

You will need to kill all 8 tentacles, but you need charm greater than 70% to damage. Having high charm going into this is ideal.

Consume some of Vykas blood orbs to increase your bar to 70%+.

Any attacks you start will do damage as soon as you hit 70%. Awakenings and high damage skills are ideal for this stage.

If all tentacles are dead, Vykas will do the eating orb animation and nobody will die.

The most important thing is to not get charmed and quickly ping your allies if you do!

X40: Spacebar Orbs (HARD ONLY)

What Happens

Vykas teleport to the center casting an outer circle explosion. Then 4 blood orbs will spawn at 10, 1, 5, and 7 o’clock.

Those orbs will move towards Vykas and if they reach her, you will wipe.

What to Do

One player should be assigned to each orb. These players will need to press space bar quickly to free themselves and pass the mechanic.

X10-5 Final Cleanse

Activate one more golden orb to reduce charm and get ready for the last mechanic.

X0 Final Stagger

What Happens

When Vykas reaches 0 HP, she will scream and start her last wipe mechanic, another clone attack.

What to Do

You need to deplete her stagger bar to kill her. During this mechanic, everyone’s Charm bar will increase slowly over time.

Vykas will go invisible and summon her clone in the center of the area, and she will teleport to one of the 4 edges.

Just look at the mini map to see where she is.

The clone in the center will perform the Medusa mechanic, so everyone needs to look away and move towards the real Vykas.

While this is happening, the central clone will send out black circles towards the real Vykas. They reduce the Desire Bar for anyone who steps in them.

Make your way towards the real Vykas while casting your stagger spells. Everyone should move to the back of Vykas to avoid the laser beams that insta-kill players caught between the clone and the real Vykas.

We suggest using Wei (Ctrl+X) on the real Vykas for massive Stagger.

Once the clone flies away, stay in a tight formation and dodge the pattern. Then continue to stagger Vykas when she lasts in the center.

Everyone must Use Whirlwind Grenades!

Random Notable Mechanics

Luring Temptation

What Happens

Vykas's hands begin to glow pink and play out a casting animation. Some players will then get a Vykas Gate 3 Guide for Lost Ark - Mobalytics (19) debuff with a pink aura around their feet.

What to Do

Immediately run to the edges of the arena and drop off your pink puddle so people don't walk in it and increase their Desire Bar.

Note that this mechanic is helpful to prepare for Key Mechanics like Swords and Clones.


What Happens

Vykas sits on her sword and summons a big red eye on top of her. Shadow lines spread out from her and during this animation, if anyone looks at her, she will trigger a wipe mechanic.

What to Do

Normal Mode: Look away by holding shift and basic attacking the opposite direction.

Hard Mode: Pay attention to the number of wings Vykas raises. It determines the number of players that need to look at her.

  • 0 Wings = Nobody
  • 1 Wing = 1 Player
  • 2 Wings = 2 Players

She will repeat this immediately after the first position check, so be prepared with a different set of players than the first time.

If at any point during this process, you fail an arena wide damage pulse will wipe the raid.

You can use Time Stop to avoid the failed damage. Be ready for this on Hard Mode.

Invisible Monsters

Vykas impales her sword into the ground and summons invisible monsters that traverse the screen dealing very high damage to anyone caught in their path. To see them, you need your Desire Bar to be above 70%.

The team can avoid everything by running to the very edge of the arena at 6 o’clock.

Air Raid

What Happens

Vykas flies into the air and dives at a targeted player leaving an explosive pattern behind. Vykas will execute 2 attacks in random order before landing in an explosion.

All attacks will knock you up and increase your Desire Bar.

What To Do

Stack up tightly during this mechanic.

  • If you see one line, move away from it.
  • If you see multiple lines, stay stacked between them and don't move.
  • After both attacks, she will land with small circle - get out of it.
  • Quickly rush towards her because the outer area will explode next.

Although the order is random, she will open with one attack and then do the next right away, so you just need to react fast for the first one.


Basic Attack Patterns

Blood Smash

Vykas targets a player and performs a few slashes forward, followed up with jump and smash, knocking players up and increasing their Desire Bar. She will follow this up with another smash to the opposite side.

Stay behind her and switch sides on the second jump.

Blood Sword

Vykas extends her sword forward, causing strip AoE. This attack increases the Desire Bar.

Get behind her or in between the lines.

Spin Attack

Vykas spins, knocking you up and increasing the Desire Bar. This attack spreads out from her in multiple lines.

Dodge the vertical spin, then stay on top of her to avoid the follow up.


Vykas levitates and dives into a targeted player twice in a row. She takes no damage while she’s levitating.

Dodge and don't use any attacks.

Blood Chains

Vykas points her sword forward and opens a blood portal sending chains to everyone. If a chain touches you, you will be imprisoned and take damage until broken out.

Keep moving away from allies since chains target current position.

Blood Bath

The whole arena starts raining blood, followed by an outer circle explosion and then an inner one. Everything does damage and significantly increases your Desire Bar.

Dodge while making your way to the center of the outer circle. Then move outwards again.

Grab Attack

Vykas extends her sword to grab a player. She then flies up, making her invulnerable, while choking them. This attack actually depletes your Desire Bar.

If you want to cleanse, get grabbed. Otherwise dodge the final ground smash cross.

Counter Patterns

Teleport Counter

Vykas teleports to a targeted player and do a quick spin before turning blue and dashing towards a player. She has a chance to do a second counterabled dash after that.

Watch for Vykas to laugh and disappear with a spin. Judge the timing, and if you aren't sure you can connect, follow her and wait for the second attack.

Sidereal Usage


During the Vykas raid, you will have the help of the following 3 Sidereals

Vykas Gate 3 Guide for Lost Ark - Mobalytics (20)

Nineveh (Ctrl+Z) Deals the highest damage

Wei (Ctrl+X)Deals an insane amount of stagger and some decent damage.

Innana (Ctrl+C) Creates a magic shield that grants immunity to stagger and knockbacks while partially absorbing damage. When the shield disappears, it will restore the HP of all the players who are in it.

Optimal Strategy

Most likely you will get two uses for the fight:

If your party has enough Stagger

  • Use Nineveh at X135 after the Typing Test.

If your party doesn’t have enough Stagger

  • Use Wei at X100 Stagger.

Always save one use for the final X0 Stagger check so Wei can finish the fight.

Vykas Gate 3 Guide for Lost Ark - Mobalytics (21)

Note that you can adjust and modify your strategy depending on how your party setup is.

Vykas Gate 3 Guide for Lost Ark - Mobalytics (2024)


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