Vykas Phase 2 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (2024)

Vykas Phase 2 Guide – Lost Ark Legion Raid (Phase 2)

If you’ve beaten Vykas Phase 1 and you’re preparing for Vykas Phase 2, you’ve come to the right place!

Our experts have beaten the raid many times on the RU/KR versions of Lost Ark so we’re ready to pass on our knowledge for NA/EU.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the rewards, mechanics, and tips for Vykas Phase 2.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and we’ll reply!

Once you’ve beaten Phase 2, head to our guide on Vykas Phase 3.

Phase 2 Overview

  • Required Gear Score (Normal Mode): 1430
  • Required Gear Score (Hard Mode): 1460
  • Recommended Battle Items:
    • Healing Potions
    • Dark Bomb
    • Swiftness Cape / Marching Flag
    • Time Stop

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  • Recommended card sets
    • We’ll Meet Again and Forest of Giants: Provide universal defense bonuses.

Vykas Phase 2 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (2)

  • Light of Salvation (if 12 Awakening unlocked)

Vykas Phase 2 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (3)

Phase 2’s boss weakness is holy damage so changing all your attack type to holy damage will give additional damage on all your attacks.

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Vykas Phase 2 Obtainable Rewards

Normal loot comes at the end of each phase and you can acquire extra loot by buying the bonus loot box for some extra gold.

  • Normal Mode
    • Legendary gear materials
    • Relic type accessories
    • 1 Vykas wing
    • 600 gold

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  • Hard Mode
    • 2 Vykas wings
    • Relic type accessories
    • 1000 gold

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Phase 2 Fight Overview

In Phase 2, you will be fighting Vykas’s 1st form. The whole raid will fight together during this phase.

It has two major wipe mechanics – the rest of the mechanics are very high damage that can one-shot you easily if you aren’t paying attention.

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Vykas Phase 2 Total HP:

  • Normal Mode: 1,408,442,336
  • Hard Mode: 3,217,098,505

Let’s discuss some of the major/wipe mechanics during the fight that start when reaching certain HP thresholds.

Key Mechanics

Purple and Red Shapes (X120)

Vykas will teleport to the center and split into three clones, each has a different pose.

Five spheres will appear in the center of the arena, when consumed a mark will appear on the top of your head.

Depending on the mark color and number, everyone should move towards a specific clone, then move to the second and third.

Poses and Positions

Here’s what to expect from the clones:

  • 1st clone has two wings open
  • 2nd clone has one wing open
  • 3rd clone has NO wings open

This is how the spheres look:

Vykas Phase 2 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (8)

Before you enter, you should set positions for this mechanic as the following
five players should take the spheres in the middle, and three players go check the clone pose.

One shot caller should be in the middle to see the marks to tell everyone where the safe spot is.

Vykas Phase 2 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (9)

When a player takes a sphere, one of two icons will appear on them.

Vykas Phase 2 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (10)

  • If three players get the red mark and two players have the purple mark
    • Go to the two wings open clone –> one wing open clone –> no wings open clone

Vykas Phase 2 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (11)

  • If three players have the purple mark and two players have the red mark
    • Go to the no wings open clone > one wing open clone > two wings open clone

Clone Mechanics (x65)

Vykas will teleport to the center, and summon her three clones, each clone will perform a pulse for two colors five times, either its black circle or red square.

Vykas Phase 2 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (12)

Players should memorize the pattern:

  • Each clone will start throwing five orbs to Vykas in the center
  • Players should block the black orbs and let the red square reach the boss.

Conditions of this mechanic:

  • Taking the correct orb will debuff you with a death mark.
  • If you took the second orb (even if it’s correct) it will kill you
    • You can use Time Stop or Big Panacea if you’re willing to take two orbs.
  • If a player took the wrong orb – they will die (Time Stop doesn’t work)
  • If a player missed their orb and it hits Vykas, it’s wiped for the whole party
    • Tolerance thresholds
      • Normal Mode: Two orbs
      • Hard Mode: One orb

Positioning for clone mechanic

Before you enter Phase 2, you should assign where every party member will stand and their color order.

Vykas Phase 2 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (13)

Maze x78

Vykas teleports to the center, casting an explosive area around her with a few safe spots around. A blood bush rotates around her, pushing all players.

It’s not a wipe mechanic but it’s annoying and it can kill a few players.

Maze x35

Same as the x78 maze mechanic, but this time, some players may have purple cone orb

If you’re one of those who got the purple cone, go to the edge and use Time Stop.

Random Mechanics

Purple Donut

Vykas will mark a player with a purple mark, then she will cast a purple donut that follows them.

If any player touches this purple circle, it will explode immediately and kill everyone in its range. When you see the indicator, run away and let it follow the targeted player.

The targeted player should lure it away and not touch it right away just to buy some time for your teammate to run to a safe spot.

The rest of the team should either follow them or stay away from them.

Purple Darts

Vykas will throw some purple darts that move forward and return back. Then she will teleport and do it once again – this one hits hard so try to avoid it by stepping to her sides.


Vykas teleports to the center and jump back with a laser beam following each player.

If possible, you can assign positions for this. If your team can react fast to pick any free position, you can skip the assign position part.

All you need to do is keep away the laser beam away from your team while you also stay away from their laser beam.

Pulling Orbs

Vykas casts a total of six orbs, three front, and three back. She will pull all players towards her then she will perform a knock-up move.

The safe spot is at her sides.


Vykas starts throwing stagger circles using her kicks toward a player, then she will turn blue (counter indicator).

Tornado Kick

Vykas staggers players in front of her with a tornado followed by a backflip kick to knock up everyone in front of her.

Counter 2

Vykas moves a few steps back and turn blue preparing to dash forward, the counter window will open.

Ninja Slashes

Vykas slashes and go invisible three times.

Then she’ll finish with a tornado slash and a jump kick followed by a cross stomp.

Electric Fields

Vykas casts electric fields around her, starting with an inner circle that will expand and then shrink back.


Random players will have a purple orb in front of them, making a cone-shaped explosion and leaving an orb after the explosion.

Vykas Phase 2 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (14)

This orb, if landed in the middle, will keep stunning players around. So if you have the cone orb on you, take it to the edge to avoid stunning/killing your team.

A few minutes later, the dropped orb will explode.

Electric Waves

Vykas levitates and starts throwing waves of energy that knock up everyone in front of her, the safe spot is at her back.


Worms spawn from the ground around Vykas.

If any player is caught, they will be held up for a few seconds before the worms explode and one-shot the player.

The rest of the team should help by killing the worms that hold them.

Golden Rings

Vykas raises her hands and starts throwing many golden rings everywhere around her. If you get hit by one, you will get stunned and the ring will explode under your feet.

Now that you’ve beaten Phase 2, it’s time for Vykas Phase 3!

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Vykas Phase 2 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (2024)


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