How does the flex disc empty itself? (2023)

How does the flex disc empty itself?

Discs can auto empty, and while that prospect sounds horrifying, 99% of the time this happens only when you go to the loo. This is because your muscles release slightly and allow the disc to empty while urinating. As your muscles contract, your disc will move back into place.

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How does flex disc empty when peeing?

So, you go to the bathroom as usual, but when you're done, you give those pelvic floor muscles a little extra downward push (while still sitting on the toilet). Imagine you're trying to “give birth” to your disc. You should see or feel a little blood dump out into the toilet. Voila!

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How does a menstrual disc empty itself?

If the disc is overfilling, you can use auto-dumping when using the restroom to empty the disc by engaging your pelvic muscles to temporarily move the rim out of place so that the contents come out.

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How does Flex ring empty?

Essentially, the posture and strain from sitting down to urinate can cause the disc to shift and empty out its contents into the toilet. While it may seem like the disc is leaking, it's not. It usually pops back into place once you're done, or you can just tip the disc back up with your finger.

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Is it bad to leave a flex disc in longer than 12 hours?

No. Even if you are only spotting it's not safe to keep a cup or disc inside without giving it a proper washing longer than 12 hours.

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What is the thumb trick for flex disc?

The thumb trick

Once you've inserted your disc into the vaginal canal and you can no longer keep it pinched, place your thumb on the rim and push it back and down until it's just behind the pubic bone.

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Can you empty flex disc without taking it out?

One of our favorite features of a menstrual disc (including Flex Disc, Flex Reusable Disc, and Flex Plant+ Disc) is the ability to empty it in the middle of the day without removing it from your body.

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Why is there blood when I pee on my flex disc?

Seeing blood when you pee (or poop) is normal.

When you go to the bathroom while wearing a menstrual disc, as you bear down on your pelvic floor muscles, your Flex Disc's front edge may slide out from behind your pubic bone, letting some fluid out (AKA auto dump). This is nothing to worry about.

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How often should you boil a menstrual disc?

It's best to wash it with a cup safe cleanser every 12 hours. For changes in between the 12 hours you can rinse with water. If you have reacted to soaps or know that you're very sensitive, you can skip the cup washes and simply rinse well with water. Just be sure to boil your menstrual cups once a month.

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How deep do menstrual discs go?

Menstrual discs are positioned between the space behind your cervix and your pubic bone. Menstrual discs are typically made of medical-grade, flexible materials such as silicone or polyethylene. They can be worn for up to 12 hours, providing longer protection compared to tampons or pads.

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Will my boyfriend feel the flex disc?

In other words, a menstrual disc should be comfortable for both you and your partner during period sex—and that includes sex of all kinds (from penetrative to oral). There is a chance that one of you may notice the rim, but there shouldn't be any pain or irritation.

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Should I be able to feel my flex disc with my finger?

to be, push it back up and behind the pubic bone. If you can feel any part of the disc with your finger, that's normal.

How does the flex disc empty itself? (2023)

How often should you empty Flex disc?

Maximum wear time is 12 hours. Flex Reusable Disc must be removed, emptied, and cleaned after 12 hours.

Can you empty and reuse a Flex Disc?

Flex Disc is not reusable. It is a single-use period product that must be removed and thrown away after 12 hours of wear. It cannot be washed and reworn. After 12 hours of wear, you must remove your disc, dispose of it, and insert a new one.

Can I wear Flex Disc while sleeping?

Flex Disc can safely be worn up to 12 hours so you can sleep-in, run errands, go to school or work, etc. After 12 hours, dispose of your Flex Disc and insert a new one.

What happens if you leave a Flex Disc in for 24 hours?

Leaving a menstrual cup in for 24 hours or longer can increase the risk of vaginal irritation and bacterial overgrowth. This is because menstrual fluid and bacteria can accumulate inside the cup, creating a warm and moist environment that is ideal for bacterial growth.

What is the squeezing your thumb trick?

One study shows that folding your left thumb into the palm of your hand, then making a fist and squeezing your left thumb helps some people with their gag reflex. Try it!

Does the thumb trick really work?

“Pressing on your thumb and chin to 'switch off' your gag reflex, is basically an elaborate placebo, which may work as a mild distraction and trick some people into relaxing while they eat a banana,” Dr McKay told Junkee. “Overall the TikTok method is a safe, cheap, quick, easy, and totally useless therapy.”

Why can I still feel my Flex Disc?

Keep in mind that every body is different, so your ability to easily feel your disc when you insert a finger will vary from person to person. However, the vaginal canal isn't that long, so most users can still feel their menstrual disc with their index or middle finger after it's been inserted all the way.

Does Flex disc block sperm?

No, a menstrual cup or disc won't prevent pregnancy. Menstrual cups and discs don't block the passage of sperm into the uterus.

Why does my flex disc smell bad?

Menstrual blood contains iron which can lead to the metallic smell. Because the cup has been inside you catching this blood, it's normal. Wash your cup (or sterilize it if the smell is too much) and it should smell fine.

Do menstrual discs push on bladder?

Because of where a disc is placed, which is higher in the body, it typically will not have full contact with the bladder. While feeling bladder pressure or a frequent need to urinate isn't unheard of with a menstrual disc, it's less common than with a menstrual cup.

Why use menstrual disc over cup?

Many menstrual discs, like the Saalt Disc, are reusable and some are disposable. All menstrual cups, like the Saalt Cup, are reusable. Menstrual discs can be worn for no-mess period sex. Menstrual cups stay in place within the vaginal canal by a seal that may create light suction.

Can I just pour boiling water on a menstrual cup?

The best way to care for your cup is to use the boiled water method to sanitize your menstrual cup between cycles (We love the hack of placing your cup in the middle of a whisk while boiling to keep it from touching the bottom of a pot!) or use Intimate Accessory Cleaner.

Can you wash and reuse menstrual disc?

Our innovative period disc is 100% reusable: Just wash it with your Flex Foaming Cleanser in between wears and store it in its carrying pouch once your period is over. With proper care, Flex Reusable Disc will last for years.

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