Best Pizza In Alpharetta Ga (2024)

1. Top pizza places in Alpharetta to satisfy your cravings

  • 19 okt 2023 · 1. Antico Pizza · 2. Campania · 3. Verra-Zanno · 4. Your Pie · 5. Crust Pasta & Pizzeria · 6. Colletta · 7. California Pizza Kitchen · 8. Vinny's New ...

  • Looking to find the best pie in and around Alpharetta? There are plenty of options, but we’ve narrowed down some of the top spots worth checking out. 1. Antico Pizza Antico Pizza is a beloved and well-established Neapolitan-style pizzeria that has been satisfying customers’ cravings for delicious Neapolitan-style pizzas since 2009. Their secret lies in […]

2. Top 10 Best Pizza Near Alpharetta, Georgia - Yelp

  • Top 10 Best Pizza in Alpharetta, GA - May 2024 - Yelp - Campania, Antico, Minnie Olivia Pizzeria, Crust Pasta & Pizzeria, Sid's Pizza, Joes New York ...

  • Best Pizza in Alpharetta, GA - Campania, Antico, Minnie Olivia Pizzeria, Crust Pasta & Pizzeria, Sid’s Pizza, Joes New York Pizzeria, Vito's Pizza & Ristorante, Luciani's Italian Restaurant, Vincenza's Pizzeria, Singas Famous Pizza

3. Amore-Worthy Pizza In Alpharetta

  • 17 jul 2019 · 1. Campania Alpharetta · 2. Crust Pasta & Pizzeria · 3. Joe's New York Pizzeria · 4. Mama's Pizza · 5. Vito's Pizza & Ristorante · 6. Antico Pizza · 7 ...

  • It’s been said that any pizza can be a personal pizza if you believe in yourself. But for most of us, pizza is a shareable, community experience. A slice

4. Best Pizza Places in Alpharetta 2024 - Slice

5. TOP 10 BEST Pizza in Alpharetta, GA - Updated 2024 - Yelp

  • Top 10 Best Pizza in Alpharetta, GA - May 2024 - Yelp - Campania, Antico, Minnie Olivia Pizzeria, Crust Pasta & Pizzeria, Sid's Pizza, Joes New York ...

  • Top 10 Best Pizza in Alpharetta, GA - May 2024 - Yelp - Campania, Antico, Minnie Olivia Pizzeria, Crust Pasta & Pizzeria, Sid’s Pizza, Joes New York Pizzeria, Vito's Pizza & Ristorante, Colletta, Luciani's Italian Restaurant, Vincenza's Pizzeria

6. Best pizza in Alpharetta, GA - Goodfellas Pizza and Wings

  • Goodfellas Pizza and Wings Alpharetta, GA · Address. 10800 Davis Dr. Alpharetta, GA 30009. Contacts. (904) 683-0183 · Open 24 hours.

  • Goodfellas Pizza and Wings Official Website. Save Money Ordering Directly Here. Healthy Options. Fast Service. Friendly Team. Top Rated.

7. Welcome to Crust Pizzeria, Alpharetta, Roswell, North Atlanta's ...

8. Italian/Pizza - Restaurant Cuisine - Awesome Alpharetta

  • Come enjoy the "BEST Italian food in Atlanta"! Joe's New York Pizzeria. 1605 Mansell Road Alpharetta, GA 30022 770-640- ...

  • Alpharetta has many different types of cuisine for you and your family. Here are some restaurants with Italian/Pizza food.

9. These are the best pizza places in Atlanta, according to the composite ...

  • An article to a detailed and wonky explanation of Ranking Georgia's restaurant rankings can be found at the bottom of this article. Until then, please keep in ...

  • From Neapolitan style to New York style and everything else in between

10. 15 Best Pizza Delivery Restaurants in Alpharetta | Pizza Near Me | Grubhub

  • My driver was courteous and respected my noes. Panera Bread delivery. Closed. Panera Bread. Pizza•See menu. 6480 North Point Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA, 30022. 183 ...

  • Prepare your taste buds...

11. The Essential Pizzerias to Know Around Atlanta

  • 22 feb 2024 · The Essential Pizzerias to Know Around Atlanta · Labella's Pizzeria · É Ke Pizza · Firewall Food Stop · Phew's Pies · Brasiliana Pizza · Slim & ...

  • Pizza has become seriously big business in and around Atlanta

12. The 10 Best Pizzerias in Atlanta - Serious Eats

  • Varasano's Pizzeria · Don Antonio by Starita · Vingenzo's Pasta & Pizzeria · Antico Pizza Napoletana · Campania Pizzeria Napoletana · S&J's Woodfired Pizza · Timone's.

  • Damn if Atlanta didn't go and turn itself into a bona fide pizza town when no one was looking. Pie fanatics could do a lot worse than booking a flight to Hartsfield-Jackson International and immersing themselves in our city's pizzascape for a few days.

13. THE 10 BEST PIZZA DELIVERY in Alpharetta 2024 - Uber Eats

  • Pizza Delivery in Alpharetta · Domino's Pizza (13695 Highway 9 N) · Curry Up Now - Alpharetta · Dr. Pizza · Sid's Pizza - Alpharetta · Singas Famous Pizza · TacoNest.

  • Craving Pizza? Get it fast with your Uber account. Order online from top Pizza restaurants in Alpharetta.

Best Pizza In Alpharetta Ga (2024)


What is the number one pizza city in the US? ›

In a win for the West, a recent study from Clever names Denver the No. 1 pizza city in the United States for 2024. The Mile High City beat out other popular pizza cities, such as New York, Chicago, and Detroit, in part because of its lower prices and better pizzeria reviews.

Does New Haven have the best pizza? ›

New Haven has a widely acclaimed (and incredibly popular) pizza scene. According to CT Insider, Modern Apizza is one of the city's holy trinity of pie shops, along with Sally's Apizza and Frank Pepe's Pizzeria.

What is the favorite type of pizza in Chicago? ›

Deep dish, the classic Chicago pizza, is a relatively recent invention. Italian immigrants who moved to the city in the late 1800s and early 1900s prepared pizza in the traditional, thin-crust manner.

What pizza is NYC known for? ›

New York-style pizza is large, hand-tossed thin crust. Sold in big slices. While the crust is thick and crispy at the edge, the center of the pie is thin and foldable so that the large slice can be folded up and eaten.

Who is the 1 best pizza in USA? ›

50 Top Pizza USA 2023: Una Pizza Napoletana in New York has been named the Best Pizzeria in The United States of America. In second place is Razza Pizza Artigianale in Jersey City, and on the third step of the podium is Ken's Artisan Pizza in Portland.

What is the #1 pizza place in the world? ›

An organization that ranks the best pies across the globe, 50 top Pizza, announced its 2023 list last night, handing out the top spot to I Masanielli in Caserta and 10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria in Naples.

Why is New Haven pizza so famous? ›

Traditional New Haven pizzas are baked in a coal-fired brick oven, which results in a slightly charred crust. Coal burns hot and dry (as opposed to wood, which releases steam in the oven), so the resulting pizza has a slightly crisp bottom and a crust that has a pleasing chewiness.

Why is New Haven pizza different? ›

What makes New Haven–style pizza distinct is its thin, often oblong crust, characteristic charring, chewy texture, and limited use of melting cheeses.

What is New Haven style pizza called? ›

New Haven style pizza is one of the least famous styles of pizza, but is just as distinct from regular “delivery pizza” as Chicago style, New York style, Greek pizza, or California style, among many others. It is known as APIZZA, which is pronounced “ah-BEETZ.”

Which US state has the best pizza? ›

Once again, Connecticut is home to the #1 pizza in the nation, according to the Daily Meal. Not only does the state have the best pizza joint in the United States, it's a true pizza mecca with six other spots ranked in the top 50 of the 101 Best Pizzas in America!

Who won the best pizza? ›

Tony Cerimele, (161.49) New Columbus Pizza Co., Pittston, Pennsylvania. Tony Cerimele, owner of New Columbus Pizza Company, in Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania, is the 2024 World Champion Pizza Maker of the Year.

What's the most popular pizza order? ›

1. Pepperoni. This may not come as a surprise, but pepperoni is by far the most popular pizza topping in the United States.

Why do New Yorkers fold their pizza? ›

Pies are typically around 18 to 24 inches (45 to 60 cm) in diameter, and commonly cut into eight slices. These large wide slices are often eaten as fast food while folded in half along the crust both for convenience—allowing the slice to be eaten one-handed—and to control the flow of oil running off the pie.

Why does NYC pizza taste so good? ›

One of the oldest theories about New York City pizza is that the city's tap water is responsible for its superior taste. Many Americans might not know that here in the Big Apple, we're almost as proud of our water as we are of our pizza, and that the city has been adding fluoride to the water for more than 50 years.

What is Brooklyn style pizza? ›

What sets it apart from other New York-style pizza?” While there is no hard set of rules or official definition of Brooklyn-style pie, you may notice a pattern in the best pizza places in Brooklyn sets this area apart: The crust is thin and crispy, but also airy. The tomato sauce tends to be less sweet.

Where is pizza most popular in the US? ›

America's Most Pizza-Obsessed Cities 2024
CityShare of 4+ Star Pizza Restaurants
2San Francisco43.4%
21 more rows
Jan 22, 2024

What place has the best pizza in the US? ›

Pequod's Pizzeria in Chicago, known for its deep-dish pies, earned the top spot. The rivalry continues — New York and California both had 10 pizza restaurants land in the top 100.

Where is the best pizza from in the US? ›

The Top 5 Pizzas in the U.S. from Top 50 Pizza include:

Una Pizza Napoletana – New York, New York. Razza Pizza Artigianale – Jersey City, NJ. Ken's Artisan Pizza – Portland, OR. Tony's Pizza Napoletana – San Francisco, CA.


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