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June: Art by... Henri Rousseau.

Quincy: And...

[Eine Kleine Nachtmusik playing in D Major]

Leo: Music by... Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Episode Script[]

[The episode starts at Leo and Annie's House celebrating Annie's birthday! Annie is holding a pink balloon.]

Annie: Hi! I'm Annie, and today is my birthday. Yay! Happy birthday to me! Do you like birthday parties? Great! I want you to come to my birthday party. My brother and my friends are helping get ready. See? June is putting up the streamers. Quincy is helping with the noisemakers.

[Noisemakers blowing]

[All laughing]

Annie: And my brother Leo is helping too. He's putting icing on my cake. Mmm! I love birthdays. But do you wanna know what my favorite thing about birthdays is? It's balloons! ♪I love balloons! I love, I love balloons! I love balloons! I love, I love balloons!♪♪

[Annie Giggling]

Quincy: Hey, Annie, I got you a present.

[He hands her a green balloon.]

Annie: Balloons! Yay! Thanks, Quincy!

Quincy: (winks): You're welcome.

Annie: [giggles]

June: I got you a present too, Annie.

[She hands her a blue balloon.]

Annie: More balloons! Thank you, June.

June: You're welcome.

Leo: Hey, Annie! You'll never guess what my present is.

[It's an orange star-shaped balloon.]

Annie: Oh, wow! I love it!

[He gives it to her. And Annie hugs Leo.]

Leo: I think she likes my present. (Giggles)

All: Yay!

[The balloons are playing "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik", and they have the tune of a music box!]

Annie: Listen!

June: Amazing! The balloons play your song.

Annie: ♪I love balloons! I love, I love balloons! I love balloons! I love, I love balloons!♪♪

Leo and June: Yay! [In UK dub, "Hooray!"]

Quincy: That's the coolest! [In UK dub, "That's the greatest!"]

[Wind blowing]

Annie: Oh, no! My balloons!

June: What a disaster!

Quincy: What do we do?

Annie: We can get my balloons back. Right, Leo?

Leo: Sure we can. [In UK dub, "Of course we can."] Follow me, team! We've got a mission.

[Baton jingling]

Leo: We're gonna get Annie's balloons back. Leo: To Rocket!

All: ♪We've got a mission! We've got a mission!♪♪

Leo: Ready?

[Harmonica playing "do, re"]

Leo: ♪Do, re.♪

[Harmonica playing "mi, fa"]

Quincy: ♪Mi, fa.♪

[Harmonica playing "so, la"]

June: ♪So, la.♪

[Harmonica playing "ti, do"]

Annie: ♪Ti, do.♪

All: Little Einsteins!

[Door opens]

Annie: ♪We're on our way, the mission of the day,♪

Quincy: ♪Starts when we say "Rocket."♪

All: Rocket!

June: ♪Leo will guide us,♪

Annie: ♪With you right beside us.♪

Leo: ♪Blast off into the sky! We're going on a mission, start the countdown!♪

All: Five, four, three, two, one!

Leo: ♪Everyone to Rocket,♪

All: ♪Rev it up now. Vroom!♪

Rocket: [Jingling]

Leo: Rocket, we need to get Annie's birthday balloons.

Quincy: They're floating away. [Phewwww]

Rocket: [Jingling]

Leo: Come on!

[Door closes]

Leo: Welcome aboard! Buckle your seat belts.

All but Leo: Seat belts buckled!

Leo: Prepare for blast off! We're going to need a lot of power to blast off. Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat.

[Rocket revving]

Leo: June is patting. Quincy's patting. Annie's patting.

[Annie giggling]

Leo: But we need more power! Put your hands on your lap and pat with us. Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat. Faster! Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat.

[Rocket revving]

Leo: Now raise your arms as high as you can and say, "Blast off!"

All: Blast off!

Annie: Hold on tight, ‘cause here we go!

All: Whoa!!

Leo: Let's get those balloons!

Annie: ♪I love balloons! I love, I love balloons!♪♪

All: ♪I love balloons! I love, I love balloons!♪♪

[Balloons playing "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"]

Annie: I hear them! My birthday balloons!

Quincy: There they are!

Leo: Follow those balloons, Rocket!

Annie: Oh, no! My balloons are floating into those clouds. How are we going to find them?

Leo: We need to use the Look and Listen Scope.

[Scope beeping]

[Monitor turning on]

Annie: My balloons are headed to Seattle!

Leo: Rocket, we have to go to Seattle.

Annie: Look! It's the Seattle Space Needle.

June: Oh, no! The balloons are headed right for it!

Quincy: Not the Space Needle!

Annie: If my balloons touch the needle, they'll pop!

June: Don't worry. I've got an idea. [Does her super spin then presses a button] Rocket can use his breeze blower to blow the balloons away.

Quincy: They're getting closer to the needle!

June: Hurry, Rocket! Turn on your breeze blower.

[Breeze Blower blowing]

Quincy: The blower needs more power!

Leo: Let's help the breeze blower blow harder. When I point to you with my baton, like this...

[Baton jingling]

Leo: Take a deep breath and blow at the balloons. Ready? Now blow!

[All blowing]

[Breeze Blower blowing]

Leo: Blow!

[All blowing]

[Breeze Blower blowing]

Leo: Blow!

[All blowing]

[Breeze Blower blowing]

Quincy: Whoa!

Leo: It worked!

June: That was excellent blowing.

Annie: Thanks, guys.

[Annie and Quincy high five]

Quincy: Rocket, follow those balloons!

Annie: They're going into the jungle. Hurry, Rocket!

Rocket: [Jingles]

June: Look, it's a tropical rain forest.

Leo: The balloons are going past the waterfall.

Quincy: They went this way.

Leo: Rocket, watch out for the vines!

[Vines tangling]

Leo: Uh-oh.

Rocket: [Jingles worriedly]

Leo: We have to get Rocket untangled. (grunts)

June: These vines are enormous! We can't pull them off.

Annie and June: (grunting)

Quincy: (grunting)

[Vine playing glissando]

Quincy: Hey, this vine sounds like my violin! [Plays violin] See? When it shakes, it sounds like a violin string.

[Vine playing glissando]

June: Quincy, maybe you can use your violin bow to shake the vines off.

Leo: Quincy, go for it!

[Bowing vine]

Leo: We need to help Quincy bow away the vine. Move your arm like this. Play your violin!

[Vines playing "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"]

Leo: That's it, keep bowing! Play your violin!

[Vines playing "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"]

All: Yay!

[Sinister music playing]

Quincy: What was that noise?

Annie: I think it's a... a snake!

June: Uh-oh.

Annie: Where's the snake? Yeah! There it is.

June: We have to hurry before the snake gets here.

Leo: Bow with us! Ready? Bow!

[Vines playing "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"]

Annie: Yay! It's working!

[Sinister music playing again]

Quincy: It's the snake! It's almost here!

Leo: Just one more vine to bow! Come on, bow with us!

[Vines playing "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"]

Annie: We did it!

Quincy: Now let's get out of here.

[Rocket whooshing]

Quincy: (sighs) I think we lost the snake.

[Twittering music playing]

Quincy: What was that?

June: That sounds like a bird.

Leo: Do you see the bird? Yeah, there it is.

Bird: [Twittering "Hello. Do you have anything to ask me?"]

Annie: Excuse me, Bird. Have you seen my balloons?

Bird: [Twittering "No, I haven't seen them" and leaves]

[Tooting music playing]

June: That sounds like a monkey.

Leo: Where's the monkey? You found him.

Leo: Hello, Monkey. My sister Annie needs to find her birthday balloons. Have you seen them?

Monkey: [Tooting "No, I haven't seen them either" and leaves]

[Sinister music playing once again]

June: Oh, no! The snake is back!

Leo: What are we gonna do?

[Snake singing "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"]

June: Hey, I think the snake is singing.

[Snake singing "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"]

Annie: I know that song!

Leo: Annie, come back!

Annie: ♪I love balloons. I love, I love balloons.♪

Quincy: He's a friendly snake!

[Snake singing "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"]

June: Yeah, and he's singing Annie's birthday balloon song!

Annie: Snake, did you see where my balloons went?

Snake: [Jingles "Yes, I saw them!"]

Annie: You did? Where?

Snake: [Jingles "They're over there!"]

Annie: Do you see my balloons? You do? Where are they? Oh, yeah! You found them!

Leo: Thanks for helping.

Quincy: You're a very nice snake.

Snake: [Singing "Thank you!"]

Leo: Let's get those balloons!

Annie: Goodbye, Snake. Thank you!

Snake: [Jingles "You're welcome!"]

Leo: Buckle your seat belts.

All: Seat belts buckled!

Leo: We're going to need a lot of power to blast off. Put your hands on your lap and pat with us to the beat. Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat. Now raise both arms and say, "Blast off!"

All: Blast off!

[Rocket blasting]

Annie: I see them! My balloons!

Annie: ♪I love balloons! I love, I love balloons!♪♪

All: ♪I love balloons! I love, I love balloons!♪♪

Annie: They're heading for Antarctica.

Quincy: Whoa! We've come a long, long way.

Leo: Rocket, down there!


Leo: Uh-oh! It's ice!

June: Rocket can't control where he's going!

All: Whoa! (Or screaming)

Leo: Rocket, this isn't working! Fly back up!

[Honking music playing]

Annie: Look, look, look! Penguins!

Quincy: They're sliding on their bellies! That's so funny!

June: Yeah, penguins can't fly, so sometimes they slide on their bellies.

Quincy: That gives me an idea. Rocket, try it again. [Squeezes his eyes shut] Slide like the penguins. Slide on your belly!

Rocket: [Jingling]

Annie: Yay, Rocket!

Leo: You're like a penguin.

Quincy: Rocket, way to slide!

Annie: Look, look, look! My balloons!

Leo: Rocket, use your grab-nabber!

All: One, two, three! Yay!

Quincy: That was very cool.

June: Wait, we're still missing one.

Quincy: What balloon are we missing? Oh, right. We don't have the star one that Leo gave Annie. Uh-oh.

June: It's going to pop on that pointy iceberg!

Annie: Rocket's hands are full. Leo, what do we do now?

Leo: Don't worry, Annie. I'll get your balloon. Come on! I'm gonna need your help.

Annie: Let's use the Look and Listen Scope to help Leo. [Goes to press the button]

[Scope beeping]

Leo: Come on! Swing your arms with me! Legato ‒ nice and smooth. Swing, swing, swing. We better hurry. Swing faster!

June: Oh, no! Leo's headed straight for those bumps.

Quincy: If Leo hits the bumps, he'll slip and fall!

June: We have to help Leo stop swinging legato.

Quincy: Yeah, he needs to go staccato and jump over the bumps.

Annie: Help me tell Leo to jump. Can you say "staccato?" Great! Say, "staccato!" Staccato!

Leo: Staccato? Thanks for warning me! Staccato!

[He jumps over the bumps]

Leo: Staccato!


Leo: Thanks for your help.

Quincy: (covers his eyes) I can't look!

Leo: Here I go!

[Leo skates up the big hill and disappears offscreen]

Quincy: What happened? Did he get the balloon?

[Eine Kleine Nachtmusik plays as Leo floats down with the balloon]

Annie: He got it!

June: Amazing!

Quincy: Wahoo!

[They get off]

Annie: You're the best big brother ever!

Leo: Happy birthday, Annie!

[Annie has all the balloons back]

June: Hey, Annie. Quincy has a great idea.

Quincy: Now that we have all your balloons, let's have your birthday party right here! In Antarctica!

Annie: Can we really?

Leo: Look, the penguins are already on their way.

June: It looks like they're coming from all over Antarctica.

Quincy: Some are sliding on their bellies.

June: Some are hopping over ice floes. But most are just walking to the party.

Quincy: We're going to need a lot of goody bags.

[Annie giggles]

Penguins: [Honking musically]

Leo: Happy birthday, Annie!

[Honking music playing]

[Balloons playing "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"]

[All laughing]

Leo: ♪I love balloons! I love, I love balloons! I love balloons! I love, I love balloons!♪♪ Now everybody sing! I need you to sing, too. Ready? Sing!

All: ♪I love balloons! I love, I love balloons! I love balloons! I love, I love balloons! I love balloons! I love, I love balloons! I love balloons! I love, I love balloons!♪♪

Penguins: [Honking]

All: Happy birthday, Annie!

Penguins: [Honking]

[Fireworks popping]

Rocket: [Jingles: "Check this out!"]

Leo: That's funny!

(In the UK: Annie: That one is pretty! I like fireworks!)

Quincy: That's the coolest!

(In the UK: Quincy: That's the greatest!)

Annie: Thank you, Rocket.

Leo: Mission completion!

[Baton jingling]

Curtain Call[]

Leo: It's time for...the curtain call!


Leo: Let's clap for our team! Clap with us! Let's clap for Annie! Quincy! June!

Others: Leo!

All: Rocket!

[Rocket jingling]

Annie: My balloons! Let's clap for my balloons!

[Balloons jingling]

June: Let's clap for the art! Clap for "The Merry Jesters" by Henri Rousseau.

Leo: And now for the moment you've all been waiting for: Let's clap really, really hard for the special music we've heard today!

["Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" playing]

Leo: "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

All: Yay, Mozart!

June: You've helped a lot today.

Quincy: Give yourself a hand. Go on, clap for yourself.

June: Bravo! Bravo!

Annie: Yay for you!

Leo: See you on the next mission!

[All penguins and their party hats came from the stage]

All: [Laughing]

[Rocket whooshing]


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The Birthday Balloons/Transcript (2024)


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